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Low Blood Sugar Diet

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If you have frequent low blood sugar episodes then you should consider starting on a low blood sugar diet. You need to get you blood sugars under control otherwise you may find yourself in some serious trouble at some point. Low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, can be a serious condition if not brought under control. Figuring out how to eat better is the best way for you to control your low blood sugar. Here's what you do.

Plan out what you are going to eat throughout your day. This will make things easier for you so you don't get so hungry and then have n o idea what to eat. Your best bet is to plan out several small meals that are easy to get to during the day. If you work then you may need to start carrying an insulated lunch box to keep the food you prepared close at hand. Buy a thermos to keep hot things,like soup, hot.

A high protein, low carbohydrate low blood sugar diet is best for you to learn to adjust and then maintain your low blood sugar. Stay away from things that are highly processed they are full of bad carbs. Also stay away from anything made with white sugar or white flour for the same reason.
If you do not consider yourself much of a cook, then learn. This is the best thing you can do for yourself. Learning to cook with fresh ingredients will help you keep your blood sugars under control.

Decreased carbs is great but how do you get and feel full? The easy answer is, fat. Be careful here though and make sure that you are using the right kinds of fat. Olive oil and canola oil are best. Anything that says 'hydrogenated' is bad. Fats will help you feel fuller, longer and slows the absorption of sugar into the blood stream. The slower the absorption the more stable the blood sugar.

A great way to see what foods are foods you react to when you have a low blood sugar episode, is to keep a food diary. Maybe you have done this in the past and already know what foods are your triggers, great! Then all you have to do is to learn to eat right to keep things under control. Avoid any of the foods that you react badly to, or, if you can't stay away from them then just have them in moderation and make sure that you eat them with something that will help maintain your blood sugar level.

The reason that carbs are bad for you if you have low blood sugar, is because carbs immediately convert to sugar in your body during the digestion process. This sudden increase in blood sugar makes your pancreas pump insulin into your blood stream to try to control it. The problem arises when the blood sugar has been taken care of then there is still an overabundance of insulin in your blood stream and then here is where the trouble starts. With too much insulin and not enough sugar you have an insulin reaction, or, a low blood sugar episode. This can be prevented if you learn to live on a low blood sugar diet.