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What is the best diet to reverse diabetes?

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When a person is first diagnosed with the medical condition called diabetes, it may seem really like the end of the world as they know it, but this is not necessarily so.

Your Diet
With some careful life changing adjustments which is mainly focused on the diet and a suitable exercise program, the diabetic can lead a healthy and wholesome life.
As with all other conditions be it medical or otherwise keeping a healthy diet plan and a good and suitable exercise regiment will usually bring forth the desired effects of a healthy body and mind. However for the diabetic there maybe some further concessions that needs to be made.
Diabetics are usually advised not to consume any while foods and to watch their intake of carbs carefully and on a regular basis. However the practice of eating apples has been found to help reduce the body’s need for insulin as apples contain pectin which helps the body to detoxify.
Another fruit that is often recommended as suitable for diabetics is the pomegranate. The sugar content in the fruit does not in any way effect the blood sugar in a diabetic patient and it also decreases the risk of atherosclerosis.
As for spices, it has been noted that cinnamon and garlic are very good for diabetic patients to include in their daily diet plan. The cinnamon contains MHCP which gives fat cells new life and also helps these cells to respond better to insulin while getting rid of the glucose

in the blood. The garlic contributes to keeping diabetes under control by regulating and controlling the blood sugar levels when necessary.
Oatmeal is another good item to include in the dietary plan of a diabetic patient. Considered a good crab the fiber makeup of this item allows good digestion and keeps the blood sugar levels stable.

Nutrition That Cuts Out The Sugar

Cutting out sugar altogether may be a rather drastic measure, but if there is a diabetic medical condition than this is certainly not an option but it is a necessity. However all is not lost as there are ways to cut out the sugar content of a food item without making the said item tasteless or boring.

Cutting The Sugar
For breakfast choices such as cereal opting to add cinnamon, dried berries, apricots or any other dried fruits will help to bring about a natural sweetened flavor that would be better for the blood sugar levels of a diabetic patient. Another trick that can be used when trying to decrease or eliminate the use of sugar, is using a raspberry or strawberry homemade sauce on waffles and pancakes instead of sweetened syrup or a dusting of sugar.
Whenever possible substitute sugar for fruit purees as these contain natural sugar and is also a better alternative for a diabetic patient. This is especially useful when there are recipes that call for the adding of one or more cups of sugar as their measurements for ingredients.
When it comes to preparing vegetable dishes combining some sweeter vegetables with other strong flavored one will help to give off a hint of sweetness which is not only pleasant but also help to enhance the overall taste of the dish.
These may include a combination of carrots with ginger, mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon, spinach with nutmeg and any other combination that the individual may find interesting and pleasing.
When it comes to purchasing pre prepared food items sourcing for the ones with accurate labeling will allow the diabetic patient to make informed decisions and purchase products that don’t have high sugar content or at the very least have artificial sweeteners. It is possible to eventually cut out sugar altogether if some effort is made to do so gradually and not all at once.