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6 Simple Tips to Avoid Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

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Dangerous blood sugar levels for a prolonged time are damaging for any one's health. Elevated levels of blood glucose may cause several health related complications like kidney failure, blindness and amputation. Therefore it is important to keep the level of blood glucose in control. Here you will find few tips to avoid dangerous blood sugar levels.

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Diet: It is important that diabetics select their meals based on the glycemic index of that particular food item. Glycemic index is the value that determines how fast the particular food can increase the level of blood sugar. The lower value of glycemic index indicates a gradual increase in the level of blood glucose.

Few examples of low glycemic index foods are apples, pears, peanuts, oranges, oatmeal, and fish, chicken. The foods that have a high glycemic index include potato, watermelon, white bread, pasta and white rice. Incorporating low glycemic index foods in the meal plan also help to keep the diabetics fuller for a longer period of time.

Exercise: The best thing that all diabetics must start right away is exercise. It does not mean that diabetics have to go for sports like soccer or marathon; it means that they simply have to exercise. The simplest exercise is the brisk walk daily for twenty minutes.

Brisk walk is the good start. It helps to keep the dangerous blood sugar levels at bay and helps to keep the weight gain at bay. Many pre diabetics as well as diabetics have kicked off medications from their bags just with the help of regular exercise.

Lose Weight: Though till to date the cause of diabetes is unknown; still many researchers link it with weight gain. Obesity and increased weight puts the diabetics at an increased risk of many complications. The researches have revealed that simply losing the excessive weight helps to reduce the risk of diabetic complications by around 40 to 50 %.

Eat Smaller Meals: It is advised that instead of eating three bigger meals the diabetics should take five to six smaller meals. These meals should be evenly spread throughout the day. This also helps to avoid the formation of spikes in levels of sugar in blood.

Drink Plenty Of Water: The diabetics must keep close eye on what they drink. The sugar concentration in blood is directly linked to the fluids consumed. It is important that diabetics should consume plenty of plain water. If necessary they should only select sugar free drink. Drinking plenty of plain water not only fill the stomach but at the same time it also help to lower down the level of blood glucose.

Monitor Blood Sugar: Close monitoring of sugar level in blood with the help of best diabetic testing supplies help in keeping the blood glucose level in control.

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