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Causes of High Blood Sugar Symptoms in the Morning

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Blood sugar level means the amount of sugar found in the bloodstream of a person. The blood is the mode of transportation of sugar to the body cells. In the cells this sugar is utilized as the prime source of energy. This is the reason that cells are termed energy house for the body. Normal range blood sugar levels are in the range of 90 mg/dl and 100 mg/dl. An average grown up person has around 5 liters of blood in his body. This shows that in total around 3.3gm to 7gm of blood should circulate in an adult's body. Ideally the amount of sugar level should be lower in the morning before breakfast. It should temporarily rise only a few grams after one or two hours of having big meals.

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When a person takes a diet full of sugar it causes a high blood sugar symptoms however in some cases it also occurs when a person has some difficulty in the production of insulin or if the cells of the body become insulin resistant.

There are basically two main causes of high blood sugar symptoms in the morning

These are

  • Dawn effect
  • Chronic Somogyi Rebound

Dawn Effect: It explains that increase in the level of sugar in blood in the morning is because of the changes that take place when the person is sleeping. These changes cause the level of insulin to drop down. The level of insulin also drops because of the release of growth hormones that normally occurs in the morning. The blood glucose levels of a normal person are controlled naturally however if a person is suffering from diabetes he has to control the level by injecting insulin or by following a strict diet plan.

Somogyi Rebound: Those diabetics who are unable to follow a strict diet plan have to suffer from high blood sugar symptoms in the morning that are termed Somogyi Effect. For instance if a person took insulin injection early in evening or did not take sufficient dinner or bedtime snack, his blood sugar level may drop drastically in the middle of night. This would trigger the body to release hormones that could increase the level of sugar in blood. This low blood sugar attack is termed hypoglycemia. Less amount of insulin dose also results in an increase in the level of blood glucose in the morning.

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Following measures are required for controlling the level of blood glucose.

  • Strictly monitor blood glucose level
  • Alter the type of insulin being used
  • Take extra insulin dose in the evening
  • Increase the insulin dose in the morning
  • Eat a light breakfast
  • Strictly follow the diet plan
  • Adjust the medication according to the alteration in the diet plan
  • Exercise regularly

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