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Diabetes and Exercise – Start a Walking Routine to Fight Diabetes

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Many people think that when they hear the word exercise it means "no pain, no gain." that walking is a great exercise. Walking can be particularly beneficial for those who have been However, the truth is diagnosed with diabetes. It is helpful if you walk briskly, but just walking a couple miles each day can make a dramatic improvement in one's health. Start your walking routine slowly, as even doing just a little walking per day can make a dramatic improvement in health for someone who hasn't been on a walking routine in a long time.

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The great thing about taking up a walking routine to fight diabetes is that you don't need any equipment, aside from shoes. If you want to accessorize, a pedometer can be a great motivator to provide you with some general feedback about how much exercise you are getting. A pedometer is a small, inexpensive device that keeps track of how many steps you take.

If you are a true couch potato, you probably ought to start your walking routine in a very deliberate manner. Perhaps you should try to walk 100 steps your first day. Try to add 10 to 20 steps per day. It may help to keep a walking routine journal to track your progress. If you have a day where you can't make your goal, just do what you can and try again the next day. Every little bit of exercise will help you fight diabetes.

Tips for Getting into a Walking Routine for Life

1. Wear the best walking shoes you can find. Walking is not enjoyable when your feet hurt.

2. Walk with at least one friend. Being responsible to someone else will help push you to keep walking even when you don't feel like it. It can also be a lot of fun to walk and talk with a close friend or family member.

3. Don't waste your lunch break. It's fun to sit, eat, and chat with coworkers, but your lunch break is a golden opportunity to get a brief walk. Even if you only walk for ten minutes, it will make a big difference in your blood glucose levels and leave you refreshed for the second half of your work day.

4. Use the stairs. When stairs are available you will burn a lot more glucose off by taking the stairs than by using an elevator. Stairs burn glucose even more quickly than regular walking does.

5. Continually increase how far you walk. Whether you are measuring distance by steps taken on a pedometer or by how far you walk, try to add a little more distance to your walking each week. If you have limited time, you can try walking a little faster each week to increase how far you walk.

6. The best parking spot is the one at the farthest end of the parking lot. Most people waste their time waiting for a parking spot at the front door when they go shopping or get to work. A good walking routine can start with taking the parking spots most people don't want. This will help you fit more walking into your day.

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