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Easy and Personalized Blood Sugar Charts

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Some other people also claim that this kind of diagram is the same with a flow chart. However, the difference now lies with the purpose of the two kinds of charts. Although they are both used in order to have a co-relationship of the cause and effect of a certain problem providing it with a solution, still there are differences of the charts, such as the sugar chart is primarily used in medical and therapeutic purposes.

As a matter of fact, you can avail of these different kinds of charts all over the world. Not only that there are a lot of various charts that are already sold and presented in supermarkets and malls. Actually you can even make your own personalized chart.

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Here are some of the steps you want to consider in making your own Blood Sugar Chart:

a. Get a pad of paper and divide into 5 columns. The purpose of which is to provide you more room and space in order for your chart of blood sugar level will be in order.
b. Start to label the columns by putting in the first lane "date" and the second lane "time". If this is done properly you can now detect the causes of the increase and decrease of the sugar in your blood.
c. On the third label start to put the caption "blood sugar level". In this column, it is very effective in the sense that it will offer you ways and means in order to control you diabetes.
d. In the fourth and fifth lane, it is not necessary to put a label. However, what you must place in the column are the foods that you have consumed that have decreased or increased the content level of the body.

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The steps in making your own Blood Sugar Chart are very easy to do. However, one important idea that you should know is that you must fill out every blanks or columns with the proper and appropriate facts in order for your Chart to be effective and to avoid other misconceptions that are to result.

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