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Fighting Diabetes With the Right Diet

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Diabetes is another health concern where diet plays a very important role. The treatment program for diabetes strictly includes the intake of foods belonging to the food pyramid. As a general rule, patients with diabetes are required to pay attention on their carbohydrate intake. They should watch their weight very closely so as not to be underweight or overweight. Diabetes is a condition wherein the body can't process glucose or blood sugar properly. That or the body can't produce the necessary amount it needs for its daily activities. It is therefore important for a person with diabetes to keep his or her blood sugar level stable.

Although diabetes has been medically determined as having no "cure" and being practically irreversible, a healthy diet for diabetes can go a long way in managing the disease and improving the diabetic's lifestyle. In fact, good nutrition and diet together with regular exercise (whether light or moderate) and weight management are crucial to preventing the serious complications of this ailment and giving the diabetic a longer lease on life. A recent study shows that a fiber-rich, low-fat plant-based diet, also called a vegan diet, combined with moderate exercises can so dramatically control blood glucose to almost normal levels.

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A diabetic diet requires a well-balanced, healthy diet. The food pyramid as created by the American Diabetic Association is a good guide for diabetic patients. Here are good meal suggestions for people with diabetes:

Breakfast and Snacks Meal Suggestions

Cooked starchy vegetables like beans and potato
Non-fat milk

Starchy vegetables, cereals, and breads are good sources of starch. Regardless of what others may think, diabetic experts encourage patients to eat starchy foods in the right amounts. This is required by the body, especially for diabetic patients whose bodies can't produce the necessary amount of blood sugar that it needs for fuel.

Milk is a good source of protein. A good diabetic diet accounts for around 15-20% protein intake. However, never exceed the 20% limit as doing so may cause complications like renal diseases. Roasted nuts are good sources of protein as well.

Lunch and Dinner Meal Suggestions

Beef Broccoli
Chicken salad
Vegetable medley
Fruits for desert
Brown rice

Vegetables are vital to any healthy diet. This food group is always a necessary, regardless if you're diabetic or not. Vegetables are sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that can help metabolize glucose. Aside from that, the fiber found in vegetables may also help slow down the absorption of glucose from the intestines.

Lean meat is a must for people with diabetes. This means that there should be no traces of fat included in your meals. They should be removed prior to food preparation. The skin of the chicken should be disposed of and the traces of animal fats should be taken out. Diabetic patients are prone to developing thicker blood so added cholesterol in your food is not going to help your heart.

Consumption of sweets and sugar foods should be reduced, if you can't take it out of your diet completely. There are different types of sugar. Some of them are beneficial, while others are not. To be sure, don't eat processed sweets like cakes, pastries, chocolates, and candies. Stick to naturally sweet foods like honey, fruits, and fresh juices.

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