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Goal Setting for Teens

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There is this story I remembered when I was still a kid, a series of stories about the ever lazy and ever stupid Juan: How Juan Motivates the Crabs.

This wasn't exactly the title but in the story, Juan appeared to be motivating the crabs when he whispered into them, "Go home, cross the sea and go to Mother. Tell her I'm still here, playing with my mates."

You see, Juan was asked by his mother to buy two big crabs at the market. The market was at the other island; Juan needs to ride a banca just to get to the other side. When he finally bought the crabs that was asked of him, he saw his playmates and was coaxed to play. What happened next, of course, you know by now. He "whispered" on the crabs and motivated them to cross the river.

Many teenagers nowadays are like Juan: love to break rules, don't finish a task assigned, and yes, do something stupid.

What can we do, as parents, to help them set a goal for themselves? We can't just sit there and let them be forever a Juan.

  • Identify the Teens Learning Style

We can't just feed onto teens goals we have set for them. We must understand how they tick, what moves them, and what drives them. We must learn and identify their learning style before we could pursuade them to set a goal for themselves.

The teens learning style could be visual, auditory or kinesthetics.

Visual learners could understand and remember better what they see. These learners would therefore display a sensitivity to visual activities or endeavour such as art or watching the movies.

If your teen daughter wants to be a fashion designer as a profession, show her pictures of designs made by renowned fashion gurus. Or have her watch movies from different eras for her to see the changes of styles through time. After that, encourage her to set goals for her dreams, like, designing her sister's winter dress.

  • Find Ways to Keep A Score Card

Goal setting for teens can be a tedious job. Remedy this by keeping a score card of his or her achievements.

This score card would give teens an idea if they are keeping abreast with their set goals, or the projects that they have undertaken are well defined.

Teens needs to see and understand the outcome of the set goals before they would even start to act on that goal. Not doing so would make them lose interest.

  • Define the End

When setting a goal, try to be specific. If the set goal is unclear, teens might see goal setting as something that keeps them away from friends. Don't ever let this happen. Goal setting for teens must be presented to teens like entertainment to gain their interest.

When creating a goal setting for teens, give clear instructions.

  • Be a Model

Goal setting for teens can be a very confusing activity. It is important that parents would be there to set goals with.

Let him participate in the family’s activities and let him marvel at each wisdom that he can discover from the interaction.

It is important to ask for their opinion of what they want in life.

Impress upon him that loved ones should always be considered when setting goals in life. They are the ones who would serve as your guide and be your motivation as one journey towards his dreams.