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Low Blood Sugar Levels Is Risky – Know The Causes And Keep Safe

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People sustained with diabetes can develop low blood sugar levels when they are bound to take high dose drugs and medicines to manage diabetes. They are in need of hormonal secretion of insulin which can be had directly or in the form of diabetes pills. The prescription medicines for diabetes do help to maintain normal blood sugar levels. But sometimes it does happen that the sugar level goes too low which is known as hypoglycemic condition. People with diabetes should maintain optimal level of blood sugar in the blood cells. When the sugar level gets too low or too high, the problem starts to damage various parts of the body including the central nervous system.

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Keeping the sugar levels balanced is good for healthy living. This is possible not simply by consuming pills and drugs but choosing right type of diabetic meal plan. There are certain foods to eat for diabetes control. A diabetic is forbidden to eat any diet foods that can apply for normal persons. There are some foods diabetics should avoid to eat. Being hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic are two polar conditions which are equally bad. However, hypoglycemia is more risky than the counter part.

Causes of hypoglycemia:

When it comes to locate what causes hypoglycemia, the following factors can be accounted:

- Eating too small meals insufficient for energy production in the body's cells

- Skipping regular meals and snacks

- Indulging in longer or harder exercises and avoiding extra foods to compensate loss of energy

- Injecting too much insulin with less food intake

- Not caring for time schedule for getting insulin doses with meals, snacks or exercise

- Eating diet foods with insufficient sugar ingredient

- Not taking healthy diet foods with minerals and vitamins to regenerate energy

- Not monitoring sugar levels periodically

Glucose is the sugar extracted from the food we eat. No matter what we are eating when we are maintaining health with nutritious food intake. The food consumed undergoes digestion process and the extracted glucose is stored in the blood cells to generate energy. When the storage increases beyond normalcy, it is a case of high blood sugar identified as hyperglycemia. But if the supply of glucose through foods is lean, the body suffers with lack of energy which is recognized as a case of hypoglycemia. The cells with very low glucose sugar intake cannot help the body with optimal level of blood sugar.


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Risks of hypoglycemia:

Being hypoglycemic is indeed a serious condition of the body due to which a diabetic can become completely collapsed physically. If proper care is not taken, the condition may get aggravated. In extreme case, the diabetic is liable for coma condition. Hypoglycemic patients should always have a companion when he is going away for long tour. Fasting for any reason is not at all suggestive for low blood sugar patients. Hence, it is advised that a diabetic has right type of diet foods for regular consumption. By consulting a physician for diagnosis and treatment, having right foods to eat is emphasized.

Keeping normal levels of blood sugar in the bloodstream is an art. If you want to be an expert and safe, you should keep up with Diabetic Foods to Eat AND Diabetes Foods to Avoid.

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