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Protein Foods To Include In A Healthy Diabetic Diet

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How do Type 2 diabetics fill the protein corner of their plate? Chicken, fish, meat and meat substitutes such as beans, soy products and low-fat cheese are great sources of dietary protein when you have Type 2 diabetes. These protein sources have less total cholesterol and saturated fats compared to red meat. Red meat contains fat, which is a drawback because fat means calories or kilojoules. Not that you should eliminate fat from your diet... fat adds flavor, richness and texture to foods. But that doesn't mean you can eat all the fat you want or that every fat is good for you. In fact, beans and soy products do not contain cholesterol at all making then one of the best choices for diabetics.

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Type 2 diabetics tend to have higher cholesterol levels compared to non-diabetics. High cholesterol levels cause you to have a greater risk for the development of cardiovascular problems such as: atherosclerosis, the hardening of blood vessel walls due to fatty plaque accumulation; heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

If you really like red meat; can you take a bite once in a while?

According to the American Heart Association, it is OK to take a bite of your favorite red meat once in a while, as long as you limit your intake. And the red meat must definitely should be lean!

When you chose to eat chicken or turkey in place of red meat it should be skinless, and fish should be less than a 3.5 oz per serving. The American Heart Association even recommends you eat omega-3 fatty acid-loaded fish at least twice a week because this can reduce your risk for certain heart problems.

Useful tips to help decrease the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in your meat?

  • limit your serving to a size of a small card which is approximately three ounces
  • eat lean cuts only. Tenderloins and sirloins are the best options
  • before cooking, trim off as much fat as you can and skim off all the melted fat after cooking
  • try baking, broiling and grilling your meat instead of frying it. These cooking methods will give you the best opportunity to remove excess fats and cholesterol from your meat

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What is the good news about beans?

Beans, are vegetables but they are packed with plant protein as well as carbohydrates. White beans particularly contain amylase inhibitors which helps your intestine decrease the absorption of carbohydrates into your blood stream. Less carbohydrate absorption means the chances of having increased blood sugar level is reduced. Beans also contain high amounts of dietary fiber which is good both for your digestive system and your blood cholesterol control.

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