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The Benefits of Using Herbal Supplements for Diabetes

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Green is In. Yes, this is a trend that is currently quite popular around the world and the effects can be seen in everything from medicine to the food and beverage industry.

From organically grown vegetables to herb fortified food items, from cocktails to desserts, the herb factor is impossible to miss out on.

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This is partly due to the increased awareness about the harmful effects of synthetic stuff combined with a keen interest in natural alternative therapies.

Millions of people today rely on dietary health supplements mainly as a preventive means and to fill the gaps in a diet sans vital nutrients.

But some other herbal supplements have gradually replaced synthetic medicine completely.

Herbal supplements for diabetes for example are preferred over insulin injections and pills today mainly because they are considered to be safer and have a holistic approach towards healing the body.

But considering that Diabetes is a condition that requires specialized care and treatment options, can herbal supplements ever be as effective in treating this condition?


Most synthetic medications for Diabetes are prescribed to help lower blood sugar levels in patients who cannot control it with their diet.

But there are many herbs in the world which can do that just as effectively as synthetics do.

In India, Ayurveda, a form of healing that relies mainly on herbs and other natural forms of healing has been practiced since centuries now. This 2000 year old therapy relies mostly on dietary restrictions, exercise and herbal supplements for diabetes to help control blood sugar.

Taking the statistics into account, Ayurveda has been pretty successful in controlling a condition that is now gaining epidemic proportions globally.

But what is the reason behind this success for a therapy that still continues to be looked upon as an alternative form of healing?

One of the main reasons of the success of Ayurveda as a therapy for healing diabetes is that its approach is based on a wholesome cure and relies purely on herbs that have many other benefits along with the obvious one which they are used for.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), it is estimated that two out of every three diabetic patients will die of either heart disease or stroke.

So, herbs like Cucurma Longa or Haridra are a part of the herbs prescribed for treating diabetes. It helps reduce the level of LDL or Low Density Lipoprotein in the body and thereby reduces the risk of cardiac conditions.

Other herbs which are rich in antioxidants are prescribed which prevent vascular damage and also rejuvenate the body cells against the damage done by diabetes.

By using herbs that have multiple benefits for the body, these herbal supplements not only reduce blood sugar but also heal the body naturally, something which synthetic medicines cannot do.

And for blood glucose levels? There are an abundance of herbs like Karela, Gurmar, Jambubeej, Cinnamon etc which are very effective in helping reduce blood glucose levels.

Ahara and Vihara - The Two Pillars

While herbal supplements for diabetes work from within to heal the body, diet and exercise form the other two pillars which complete the healing process.

A hypoglycemic diet is prescribed for helping these herbs function better and regular exercise is recommended. This not only helps the body respond faster, but also reduces obesity which is one of the main precursors of diabetes.

So, if you are relying on expensive synthetic medications to control your blood sugar, try Ayurvedic remedies for diabetes. Combine it with a proper diet and exercise routine and you will be able to prevent a lot of complications that diabetes can otherwise cause.

Ayurleaf Herbals Herbal Supplements for Diabetes are aimed at helping people regain control on Diabetes and reduce their dependency on synthetic medications.

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