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Turmeric For Diabetes – Will it Help Or Harm

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There have been some testing done for turmeric for diabetes, but it hasn't been on humans. At least not yet, because so far all the testing has been done on mice.

We're not talking about Type 1 diabetes. Turmeric for diabetes studies have all focused on Type 2. So if you're Type 1, like my husband is, more test have to be done to see if this spice will help you with your disease.

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The health benefits come from the curcumin in this spice.

When obese male mice that had previously been fed a high fat diet were given curcumin, they encountered a small but statistically important decrease in body fat percentage and body weight. Yet they hadn't changed their diet at all.

Female mice that were purposely bred to have lower levels of an appetite regulating hormone leptin, also showed the same data. Both had improved blood sugar levels and glucose tolerance.

In this test all the mice also had decreased levels of inflammation in their livers and their fat tissues. All of these factors combined can indicate a reduced risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, which is the most common form of the disease.

Since these test haven't been done on humans, we must wait until more studies are done to determine if taking turmeric for diabetes will help people struggling with this disease.

In the mean time turmeric has been shown to have benefits for heart disease, which is a common killer of diabetics, so taking a supplement with this in it certainly won't harm you, and in fact will help your over all general health.

My husband and I both take a supplement that contains 70 different nutrients our bodies need for optimal health, one of them being curcumin, the helpful part of turmeric. If you're diabetic you know keeping your body in top shape is very important.

On that note check out my web site where you can find a totally balanced supplement that will nourish your whole body. The same company also carries a product especially for diabetics. Taking them together will be very good for your fight against diabetes, if you have the disease now.

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