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Type 2 Diabetic Holiday Tips, Taking Time Out to Enjoy Yourself

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These type 2 diabetic holiday tips are here to help you enjoy spending time with your family and friends without depression or guilt. And since this is also a time for going shopping and eating out, you need to decide ahead of time what you will do about that.

Diabetic Holiday Tips for Going Shopping and Eating Out

At the grocery store or the mall, you will find people giving away free samples of chocolate, candy and baked goods. If you know it's coming you can be prepared to say no. Make sure you don't go shopping on an empty stomach. Eat a protein snack of cottage cheese or chicken, and carry a homemade snack in case you get shaky while you're out.

If your friends or family are meeting at a buffet, you don't have to refuse. There will be a salad bar, and it's always best to start there. And if there is a non-creamy soup, it will make a filling appetizer. Stay away from the deep fried, crispy coated meats, cream sauces and gravy, and you can enjoy yourself without guilt.

What about dessert? Fruit will usually satisfy your sweet tooth, but if you want something more, stay away from the supersized muffins and cookies. Lots of places serve mini-desserts, and if they don't you can share with someone and cut down the calories that way. Pumpkin pie without the whipped topping shaves off some carbs too.

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Diabetic Holiday Tips for Parties and Family Time

Before you go, eat a snack that has protein and some fat, like cheese or nuts, so you won't hit the party hungry. Decide ahead of time not to have sodas or sweet alcoholic drinks. Hot cider and flavored water are good choices.

If your host pushes you to eat something and you don't want to say no, talk about how good it looks, thank her and wrap the food in a napkin "for later." And one of the best diabetic holiday tips is to bring your own low-carbohydrate dessert to the party. You know you'll have something to fall back on at the buffet.

It's a good idea to mingle, talk to people and stay away from the food table so you won't graze. After you fill your plate, eat slowly, enjoy what you are eating, and that goes double if you're indulging yourself in something sweet. The first couple of bites are always the best. You don't have to eat any more than that. Make sure you are not eating things just because they are on your plate.

Don't Forget to Exercise

As diabetic holiday tips go, this is high on the list, and more so if you slip up during the holidays. Exercise is one sure way to get back on track. Exercise more, and you'll reduce your insulin needs. And it will help you to put eating sweets into perspective.

To look at a calorie-packed pie slice and see 15 minutes on the exercise machine helps me decide whether it's worth eating. So does my blood sugar reading. That's why frequent blood sugar checking has to be on the diabetic holiday tips list. You need to be aware of how you are really doing, so don't forget to carry your glucose monitor with you.

Another good thing about exercise is that it will help relieve stress and pull you out of depression during the holidays. And speaking of depression, if you are alone, please find something to do that gets you out of yourself. Every city and town has groups who need help around the holidays. You can volunteer your time and do things for someone else.

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Indulging in depression and self-pity is worse than eating pecan pie for a type 2 diabetic. And there is measurable proof that participating in a group of like-minded people is better than adding a diabetic medication for lowering your blood sugar. That might be one of the best diabetic holiday tips if you are feeling isolated.

Focus on people, not food. And even if your schedule is crazy, don't neglect diabetic management. I hope you enjoy yourself and the folks around you every chance you get. Find something to celebrate. That's number one among my diabetic holiday tips.

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