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Warning Symptoms of Blood Sugar – 3 Major Symptoms

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Many people are boasting that they are not prone to diabetes. They think that they are beyond it and have no blood sugar problem with them. Away from the causes of blood sugar, here is to warn you that you should be cautious with any of the following alert symptoms of blood sugar.

Weight loss:

Weight loss is one of the obvious symptoms of blood sugar formation in the body. But many people are having wrong notion about weight gain. You too may be thinking that your body gains weight when it comes to eating more due to feeling hungry. But the fact is just the opposite - You eat more and lose weight. Is't confusing or not compromising you? But it's true according to Diabetes Theory. A person who has no control of eating whenever he feels hungry starts filling his stomach at times. Biologically, he is bound to be laid on bed when he feels physically full at stomach. Consequently, he fails to assist the digestion system and the trouble starts within the whole system. Poor digestion or no digestion without physical exercise after eating means consumed food lacks conversion to energy with poor insulin secretion. In diabetes terminology, it is a condition of blood sugar formation in the bloodstream. Body weight loss is the subsequent condition following diabetes. So, eating more is an enemy causing problems of blood sugar.

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Feeling moody:

Feeling moody or depressed in mind is another case of blood sugar symptom. When you happen to be diabetic, your food intake is not burnt to energy. The food remaining unused for conversion to energy leads to formation of blood sugar and stored in the bloodstream. This in turn reduces the supply of pure blood needed to rejuvenate your brain. This poor condition of blood flow to the brain is a symptom of depression making you to feel moody. However, the net result is treated as a warning symptom of blood sugar.

Wounds not healing:

Wounds that are not healing to age may be natural. But it is not justifiable that the wounds are getting worse at early age. It is to be suspected for a symptom that the person is developing diabetes due to formation of blood glucose without being burnt to energy. Due to imbalance of sugar levels in your body affects your body's immune system. When the immune potential gets weaker you are susceptible to any infection. Here it is stressed that you are having a symptom of diabetic sugar in your body.

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