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What are the most common causes of eye injuries?

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What are the most common causes of eye injuries

There are many eye injuries that come in different sizes and shapes, with varying levels of severity. A number of these injuries might require immediate action by an eye doctor, while others may only require simple care at home.

Although no one likes to think about eye injuries, it’s important to know how to react when faced with a small eye injury or an emergency situation. There are guidelines that everyone needs to know in order to have confidence and be ready to handle any routine for eye injuries. Remember that safety precautions will help you avoid eye injuries.

Most of us think that our home is an unthreatening setting, but a recent survey showed that most respondents mentioned that their eye injury occurred at home - especially in the garage, kitchen or yard. Few people were wearing protected clothing when doing repairs or projects at home. Most of the eye injuries at home are as a result of hazardous chemicals such bleaches and cleaners getting in the eye, opening a champagne bottle, cooking food that easily splatters hot oil, and carrying repair work near your face.

Treating Minor Injuries Caused by Debris and Dirt at Home

One of the common injuries that can occur at home is corneal abrasion which is a form of a scratched eye caused by a poke or a scratch on your eye when a piece of sand is inside.

Determine if it’s a major or minor injury. Minor injuries will include getting dirt or sand in your eye and irritation caused by allergies. For minor eye injuries you should wash your eyes using warm sterile water in an eye cup. This procedure should be repeated at least three times after every ten minutes. The other method to wash out your eyes is by using a shower head, fountain water or hose. You can bend over to allow the water streams to constantly run through your eyes. If you feel the presence of debris, contact your eye doctor right away.

Treating Eye Allergies and Medium Injury at Home

If your eyes are irritating due to certain allergies, use the right eye drop identified for that allergy to help you soothe the burning and itching. If the effects persist, contact the eye doctor to give you a stronger prescription.

When treating a medium eye injury, you need to cover your eye with a taped patch or eye cup and then call the ophthalmologist. For minor cuts around your eye, apply a clean cloth or sterile bandage and then tape it in that place. If the cut takes a long time to heal or you see other symptoms, contact your eye doctor immediately.

Treating a Blow to Your Eye

To treat a blow to your eye or black eye due to trauma, gently apply a cold compress to the affected eye. This will help to reduce the swelling. Repeat the process at an interval of ten minutes at least four times a day. Keep your head elevated to reduce swelling. Contact your ophthalmologist if you notice anything abnormal.

Treating Chemical Burn on Your Eye at Home

Chemical burns are supposed to be treated immediately. These burns can be caused by household cleaners or bleaches splashed into your eyes. You should flush out the chemical from your eyes as much as possible using sterile water or fountain water.

It is important to know learn how to treat common eye injuries at home before you seek professional advice. This will help you to contain the problem before it gets worse. Always contact your physician when you see something abnormal.