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Will Raw Honey Harm Or Heal Me? A Type II Diabetes Guide

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Just because you have Type II diabetes it doesn't mean you can't eat your favorite foods. Of course your doctor will tell you not to eat foods that you like, which is not true completely. He will tell you this to get obviously bad things out of your diet like fast food, cookies, cake, and things high in processed sugars. Fortunately there is a great-tasting sugar that you can eat. What is it? Honey!

A lot of us don't know exactly what is in honey. We know it comes from bees. We know that it is really sugary, but really, what is it? It's a natural food that is good for you and delicious.

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It's great that you can eat something that is both good for your and helps stop glucose absorption.

If you look at other natural sweeteners you will see that honey is the best at not raising your blood sugar level. Of course you should check with your doctor first before changing your diet, but he will probably confirm that honey is great for your diet. Depending on exactly what kind of diabetes you have the honey will react differently with your body. Of course you should not overdue how much you eat. And you can put a small amount of it on your cereal or in your coffee.

What is in honey? If you look at the base ingredients in honey you will find glucose and fructose mixed together. You probably know that sugar gives you a fast course of energy, so honey will do the same thing, but naturally. Honey is not high on the glycemic index because it has wax and antioxidants. Along with water it is great for digestion. You should be eating raw honey because it has a glycemic index of 30, whereas processed honey is 75.

Raw honey is the best for you to eat because it affects you like eating a fresh, healthy salad. I'm not saying you should eat a salads worth of honey, but a little bit is good for you. Think wine; a glass of red wine every day is good, not a bottle. That said, eating a heaping spoonful is recommended. Honey is an antioxidant-rich food that is recommended by doctors.

Processed honey is not the good one. You really shouldn't eat this stuff because it is cheap and NOT good for you. A good comparison would be that natural peanut butter is good, but the processed stuff is not. This is no different. Simply put, do not eat processed honey.

The benefits of raw honey are astounding. Eating raw honey can lower blood sugar levels from 60 to 100 mg. This is great considering it tastes great and is healthy for you. As you know, that is a rare combination.

Even though I have told you that eating raw honey is good for you, you still shouldn't eat too much of it. A balanced diet is the best way to help cure your diabetes naturally. Just be smart about it and use common sense.

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