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12 Tips For Achieving Normal Blood Sugar Range

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The amount of glucose in blood is termed blood glucose level. Glucose is a kind of sugar that comes from different type of foods a person eats. A part of it is converted into energy and remaining is stored as fuel in the body. It is the main source of energy for the body cells.

High blood sugar in medical term is called hyperglycemia. Insulin is a hormone that is released from pancreas to manage the level of glucose in blood. The person who is suffering from diabetes either does not produce insulin or is unable to use the provided insulin.

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High Blood Sugar - Causes

  • If the person has not taken his diabetic medication in time
  • He has not followed his prescribed meal plan or has done some cheating without adjusting his diabetic medication.
  • He has not done his routine workout
  • He is feeling sick or is having flu or stress
  • He is on some other medication that affects his diabetes

Symptoms OF High Blood Sugar

Pee A Lot: The kidneys counteract the increases in level of blood glucose by flushing out the excessive glucose via urine. The diabetics have to make frequent trips to the rest room.

Drinking a Lot: Diabetics lose their plenty of fluids because of peeing a lot so they feel an insatiable thirst.

Weight Loss: Though the diabetics are consuming the same amount of food but still they start to lose weight. The body has to use the stored fats for producing energy.

Feeling Tired: The body is unable o produce energy from the consumed food so the person feels extremely tired and fatigued.

Tips for Getting Rid Of High Blood Sugar Level

  1. It is good to take handful of nuts daily. These almonds also help to decrease the cholesterol level
  2. Losing weight helps to lower the blood sugar level. Low calorie and low fat diets are good for the diabetics for losing weight.
  3. Any form of exercise like yoga, exercise and swimming are good for diabetics
  4. Bilberry is also good for diabetics
  5. Dandelion root is a good source of calcium and good for diabetics
  6. Licorice feed is good for adrenal glands; however it must not be taken for more than 7days in a line
  7. Milk revitalizes liver of diabetics.
  8. Parsley, raspberry foliage, uva ursi and Echinacea are favorable for diabetics.
  9. Diabetics must quit taking alcohol, processed foods, packaged foods, canned foods, white flour, soft drink and unsaturated fats.
  10. Fruits are good for diabetics but they should not eat sweet fruits like grape, prune and mango.
  11. For sweetening the foods only use Stevia. Other artificial sweeteners contain molasses, malt syrup and chocolate rice syrup.
  12. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before having meals is good to trigger the insulin production by the pancreas.

Learn more about the details of Signs Of Diabetes and learn the tips to deal with increase in Blood Sugar. I have mentioned here tips and tricks with the help of which I have said "good-bye" to Diabetes; so you can do the same.

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