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Dandelions to Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels!

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Homeowners wage war on them every year, sometimes winning the battle and sometimes losing. But no matter how much effort we put into their extermination, they always try to come back the following year. What is it? Dandelions. Since they are determined to make their way into our lives, wouldn't it be nice to find a positive use for them? Perhaps we have!

Dandelions have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and now their benefits are being rediscovered and tested in a modern-day setting. The Chinese have utilized these plants for treating many different conditions, including upset stomachs, kidney issues and liver problems.

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The focus now is on how they can benefit Type 2 diabetics.

Research has substantiated what has long been believed: that dandelion has the ability to normalize blood sugar levels. Studies involving laboratory mice have confirmed this belief. An additional benefit of dandelion is that it has been shown to help improve cholesterol levels. This is an added benefit for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Dandelion can be found in many forms, from capsules, to tablets and even liquid. The roots and leaves of the dandelion can also be brewed as a tea. The properties of the root and leaves are just as significant as the dandelion itself.

Although it has a solid history of use, there are still more studies that need to be conducted concerning how well it helps Type 2 diabetics. Plus there is the concern about allergic reactions. As with other herbal and natural supplements, dandelion has the ability to cause reactions in some people.

Reactions can appear as an irritation or a rash on the skin. For some individuals who might use too much dandelion, they may develop irritation of the gastrointestinal system. This is due to the fact dandelion can possess a diuretic or laxative effect for some people who are sensitive.

Since it is an herbal form of supplement, it also has the potential of interfering with prescription medications. For this reason, Type 2 diabetics should never begin taking dandelion until they speak to their doctor. Individuals should also never use dandelion as a replacement for medication or stop taking their medicine altogether.

Until more is known about exactly how dandelion can benefit in the war against Type 2 diabetes, it should be taken with caution. Your doctor can give you insight as to whether or not it is something you should consider trying based on your condition and your overall medical health.

Type 2 diabetes is no longer a condition you must just live with. It need not slowly and inevitably get worse. You can take control of the disease... and take back your health.

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