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Does Eating Sugar Cause Diabetes

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These are the days where there is much awareness for diabetes and the risks hyperlinked when prone to diabetes. Amidst this, pretty many threatening evidences are produced for consideration to keep safe from diabetes. Atop the list of such threatening slogans 'Eating sugar causes diabetes' is one. Still, it seems to be an issue with researchers who interpret on both sides of the mirror the cause and effect of sugar for diabetes. We shall have a stem-root analysis of the phrase under usual or special circumstances.

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What causes blood sugar?

Should a person, suspected to develop diabetes within him, stop eating sweets? Some people claim that it's absolutely wrong and reducing to rubbles in the 'say' that eating sugar or sweets is to trigger the onset of diabetes. They claim that the family history of genetics causes type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle is another factor that is contributing, in parallel with genetic factor, to implant sugar in the blood cells. What causes diabetes is not straight away due to sugar intake with regular meal. Eating sweets and sugary diet choices causes overweight followed by subsequent risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Any diet high in calories, either from direct sugar or from sugary foods causes obesity.

Obesity is the first enemy to cause diabetes in any person. If you have family history of diabetes, that also can contribute to form blood sugar in your body at any age, probably at later years. One has to admit that it's usual to increase normal blood sugar levels after eating a meal or anything as snack. But the point is how high the blood sugar level rises. If the elevated blood sugar level gets up above 180mg/dl, it is a case of high blood sugar. The diabetic is diagnosed as hyperglycemic who will be safe from eating sugar excessively. If the sugar level falls below 70mg/dl, it is recognized as hypoglycemic condition in which the diabetic needs to snack some sweets or high carb foods with sucrose source.

Does eating sugar cause diabetes?

No, it's not so. One of the causes of diabetes lies in eating too much sugar. To believe that sugar causes diabetes goes wrong. It's not the sugar exclusively but the imbalanced food causing diabetes when the system is triggered to make a stock of blood sugar in the blood cells. A diet plan including meal or snacks with sugar content are not on the dais to shoot up your blood sugar levels more than what other meals such as rice and pasta do.

Controlling blood sugar is an art. Among many ways to avoid diabetes, eating right foods is the best solution. You can grab more information from Diabetic Foods to Eat AND Diabetes Foods to Avoid.

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