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High Blood Sugar Symptoms and Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

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Why is it critical to recognize high blood sugar symptoms and dangerous blood sugar levels? Have you ever thought why it is so? When a person is diagnosed with hyperglycemia; he must be in a position of distinguishing these signs before the situation gets worst. The diabetics and their caretakers must be vigilant and active in identifying these signs of diabetes; however most of the times the situation is overlooked.

Let us consider the example of the mom of a diabetic girl. She has never realized what is going deep inside the body of her daughter.

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How to Avoid High Blood Sugar Symptoms

In a non diabetic person the insulin is produced by pancreas for lowering down the level of blood glucose and to bring it to the normal level. The blood glucose is released from the blood stream so that it can supply energy to the whole body. If the pancreas of the healthy body starts to malfunction, it produces inappropriate quantity of insulin. The glucose that is left over in the blood stream due to unavailability of glucose is toxic to the body. If it is not controlled timely it affects the body organs and the diabetic body starts to break down slowly.

It is critical for the diabetic body to monitor the level of blood glucose daily for the proper management of blood sugar level. The best method is to use a blood sugar level chart. The diabetic person must diagnose high blood glucose symptoms so that body can stay away from entering the shock state. The most commonly seen high blood glucose symptom is an urge to urinate frequently especially during the night, this also results in excessive thirsty feeling. It makes the mouth as well as the lips dry. Diabetics also start to sweat severely.

Glucose is essential for energizing the body. If the blood does not have the required amount of glucose then muscles as well as fats are broken down in the body as a result of compulsory mechanism. The body as a result feels fatigued as well as tired. One of the most dangerous blood sugar level symptoms is severe and sudden weight loss.

Excessive hunger, itchy and dry skin and blurriness in vision are other high blood sugar level symptoms. If for some reason these signs are left undetected then additional symptoms set in. These are confusion, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, ketoacidosis, diabetic coma and in extreme cases death as well.

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