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High Blood Sugar Symptoms and Signs of Diabetes

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There are many people who experience high blood sugar symptoms. It is important to note that it is not a disease that affects only the persons suffering from diabetes. The following reading would help you to evaluate different aspects of high level of sugar in blood. This article would guide you in following aspects

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  • The normal range blood sugar level soon after eating
  • Causes of high blood sugar level
  • High blood sugar symptoms
  • Monitoring blood glucose level
  • Tips to control blood glucose level

Spending here few minutes would help you to get a better understanding of the process of glucose in blood.

  • The levels of sugar in blood go up after meals. This level returns to the normal range after one to two hours. Blood glucose level is the amount of sugar in the stream of blood. This is also called serum glucose level. The normal range blood sugar level after 1 or 2 hours of eating are termed postprandial. Researches have revealed that level of sugar in the bloodstream of diabetic patient becomes even double after having big meals; even if it was in the normal range before the meal.
  • The levels of glucoe in blood are slightly higher in the morning because of release of growth hormones; this basically takes place because of the theory called Dawn phenomenon. Level of sugar in blood shoots up when the body releases sugar in reaction of low level of blood glucose; this theory is called Somogyi effect. If the level of sugar in blood falls below 45 mg/dl the condition is linked with a serious malfunctioning.
  • Blood sugar level above the safe levels takes the person feel thirsty as well as tired. The diabetic person may start to sweat, feel weak, hungry as well as anxious. It seems that heart is pounding in the chest. However if the levels of sugar in blood remains higher for few weeks then body adjusts to the new level and the person may not have any symptoms at all. This is the reason that it is strongly advocated that the attempts should be made to control the level of blood glucose.
  • The concentration of blood glucose is strictly regulated n the body of the human. Generally the levels are maintained between 4 to 8 mmol/L
  • The blood sugar tests measures how well the body is able to process sugar in the body. There are some tests that are used for the diagnosis of diabetes.
  • Low blood sugar is also termed hypoglycemia. It makes the person feel tired and sick. The monitoring and maintenance of blood glucose level is extremely important for the persons who are suffering from diabetes.

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