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Say Goodbye to High Blood Sugar Levels

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The basis of control of type 2 diabetes really commences with diet. Exercise helps to bring down your blood sugar levels but what you eat is the main controlling factor to bring down your weight, your insulin level, your blood sugars and your cholesterol levels. This will improve control of your type 2 naturally, reducing the need for medications, both oral and insulin-injections.

There are many diabetic diets available, each with conflicting advice. While diet does not replace effective medication, it is the single most important factor overlooked. The correct diet for you leads to much better control of your type 2 diabetes and less medication, which can only give you a better quality of life and reduce the side-effects of drugs.

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Diabetic friendly foods

That said, here are five diet facts to help you:

1. Stick to an effective diabetic diet. This means one based on foods with a low glycemic index (low-GI) ... often referred to as a GI diet. What the glycemic index does is measure the effect of food on raising blood sugar levels. There are several different low-GI diets available, and some are more effective than others. A properly managed one though will bring about:

  • stable blood sugar levels
  • lower your insulin-resistance and therefore reduce your need for oral medications
  • reduce your triglyceride level and improve your HDL, therefore improving your cardiovascular risks

2. A low-GI diet is not the same as a low-carb diet. Both restrict the number of high-GI foods such as bread and pasta but some low-carb diets restrict unrefined vegetable carbohydrates. This is not a good idea unless you plan to add massive vitamin and mineral supplements to your diet.

3. Low-fat/high carbohydrate diets. There are many studies which show how ineffective these diets are on cholesterol levels. The best results showing low blood fats, came from those diabetics who followed the low-GI principle of replacing refined carbohydrates with unrefined carbohydrates.

4. A low-GI diets affects your body's insulin which controls the level of your blood sugars and blood fats. Following this eating plan, insulin-resistance can be lowered reasonably quickly, usually in 10-14 days. As insulin controls fat deposition in your body, it has the added advantage of healthy weight loss also.

5. Constant variations in your blood sugar levels can really only be resolved by lowering your insulin level, which means hypoglycemia doesn't occur and you won't feel weak and irritable. Also you won't feel the need to eat more carbohydrates for energy. Then fat will not be deposited around your waist.

By reducing your intake of refined carbohydrates you reduce your insulin-requirement either from your pancreas or by injection. Eating the correct foods and the correct amount, will improve control over your type 2 diabetes.

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Your diet really determines the control of your type 2 diabetes and whether you will live a long healthy life, or an untimely shortened one due to complications. Once you understand what you have to do and why, you will start to control your own health.

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