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The Importance of a Daily Diabetes Exercise Program

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Diabetes is a condition where your body loses the ability to regulate blood glucose levels. However, diabetes is more complex, with a wide range of effects and potential complications that result from the condition. Your heart, kidneys and eyes may suffer damage, which can worsen over time if your blood sugar levels are not regulated through medications, diet and exercise. All of these treatments are important elements to controlling diabetes. Here, we will discuss one aspect of diabetic care--the importance of a daily diabetes exercise program and how it might work for you.

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The first problem is the pain of diabetes, which discourages the patient to stick with a daily diabetes exercise program. This problem is a vicious circle which needs to be broken. If not, the more troublesome aches and muscle pains associated with diabetes become. Poor circulation also contributes to nerve pain. The constant and increasing pain are certainly enough to depress you. Even if you've already reached a point where you get little or no exercise, there's no time like the present to implement a daily diabetes exercise program, doing so will help you to start feeling better.

It's no wonder that it's a challenge for people start and stay with a daily exercise program. Some people with diabetes think exercise just means doing strenuous workouts, which will only cause additional pain. The key to your success lies in taking small, but consistent strides. Consider beginning with a couple of short, 15-minute walks, once in the morning and in the evening at a leisurely pace. You'll quickly find your energy level increasing and muscle and nerve pain will be reduced, purely as a result of you in improving circulation and toning your muscles. Let's see what else you might do to build up your diabetes exercise program.

If you have access to a pool, this is an excellent way to tone your muscles, further improve your circulation and lose some weight, if necessary. Try swimming for 30 minutes, three times a week, as your schedule permits. If you are able to swim daily, please do so.

How about weightlifting? This could be a tremendous inclusion in your diabetes exercise regimen. We're not talking about pumping heavy iron. A set of 2 to 5 pound handsets are all you need to strengthen and tone muscles. When your muscles aren't tone, there's a likelihood for nerves to get 'trapped', a pain you can do without! Start with just 15 minutes each day and work up from there.

Sign up for an aerobics class. Aerobics doesn't put stress on joints, it is an excellent exercise for building strength and toning muscles. If you're interested in martial arts, Tai-Chi may be a perfect option for your customized diabetes exercise program. Tai-chi is an interesting mix of mental focus and physical agility which does not overtax your body. You can gain a mental clarity in addition to the physical exercise.

Once you become engaged in several forms of exercise, try alternating days and varying the exercise activities. At the end of the day, a deep muscle massage can help tremendously. If you've got a partner or spouse to help, consider yourself extra fortunate. If not, you can do most of this on your own. You can use massage oils or a baby oil, rubbing arms, legs and their chest with a firm smooth motion. Foot massages are also great for your circulation. This is also an opportune time to do a daily inspection of your feet, checking for cuts or cracks in the skin.

If some of these routines aren't appealing to you, consult your doctor to see what other possibilities are recommended for a good diabetes exercise program. Get started, keep it going and you'll be truly amazed at the results. To your good health!

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