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The Role of Dieting in Curing Diabetes in a Natural Way

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People are finding ways to cure diabetes for any cost. Diabetes can be cured by not taking drugs also. Wondering, yes it is certainly possible that diabetes can be cured in natural ways. As far as the researchers and many studies reveal that the natural ways like dieting, exercise and having a food which is nutritious gives positive results in treating the diabetes. Among those things dieting is the most important and it is the long time process. Other things can be fading out when you become too old. Your age will not allow continuing the tough exercises for treating the diabetes. But dieting can be followed in any ages. So let's see some of the natural foods that are used to cure diabetes.

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Dieting in diabetes is the important part of treating diabetes. Drinking as much of water in a day is part of dieting. It is suggested to drink eight glasses of water per day. Alkaline in water has some positive influence in inducing the insulin hormone. Grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables and some milk products contribute to the good diet for your diabetic cure. You can have this food in little bit high quantities. It is well proven that the cooked food has the ability to increase the glucose blood level. But in raw foods these dangers won't arise and you can have them without having any fear in it. Cooking your food kills many enzymes, minerals and some of the vitamins. A diabetic patient should eat atleast five fruits per day, because fruits are having the raw quantity of nutrients. These nutrients will surely activate your insulin hormone. The lists of fruits you can eat are,

1. Citrus Fruits

2. Grape Fruit

3. Pomegranate juice

4. Banana

5. Black berry

6. Granny smith apples

7. Kiwi fruits

8. Cranberries

9. Fig

10. Indian blackberry

 Not only foods, you can also have vegetables that will be helpful in treating the diabetes. Pancreas plays the crucial role in treating the diabetes. Colorful vegetable is so good for the pancreas. The vegetables are,

1. Cucumber

2. Radish

3. Cabbage

4. Onion

5. String beans

6. Spinach turnip

7. Carrot

8. Garlic

9. Cucumber

10. Jerusalem artichoke

11. Leaves

12. Tomato

Some of the vegetables like tomato and carrot can be taken as a raw food. Carrot is a very good natural medicine for treating diabetes. It stimulates the insulin hormone than any other vegetables. Brewer's yeast, Mung beans and sprouted alfalfa will be very good for the body.

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Controlling blood sugar levels is an art. If you want to be an expert in it, you should know the full details in List of food a diabetic can eat AND how to reverse diabetes naturally.

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