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Bitter Melon Recipe For Diabetes

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Bitter melon: you've seen it in the health food store. Alternative names, depending on the country that is talking about it, are ampalaya, corilla, karela, caraille, or charanta. What it can do is actually lower your insulin resistance and your blood sugar by helping your cells take up the blood sugar. That way your body is using the energy the way it ought to!

Yes, bitter melon is actually bitter. So are a lot of vegetables, and we find ways to enjoy them anyway. This one is no exception!

What does bitter melon look like? It's a long vegetable that looks like a cucumber with pointy ends and bumps all over its surface. There are two basic kinds of bitter melon, one that is a dark, bright with almost sharp bumps, and another that is lighter green with softer bumps. Both provide the same health benefit.

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How do you prepare bitter melon?

  • First, you slice it open lengthwise so it is in two long, skinny halves. Then, with a spoon, scoop out the white pith and seeds. There will be a lot of seeds and pith! The "rind" part is what you eat, the lumpy green part.
  • Now you should have two scooped-out halves like little cucumber boats. Flip them over, cut side down, and slice them into quarter-inch "c" shapes.
  • Put the little "c's" into a bowl, and salt with a generous tablespoon of salt. Rub your fingers over the bitter melon to make sure the surface is covered with salt.
  • Allow to sit for 10-30 minutes. This allows the salt to pull the bitter juices out.
  • Now rinse the bitter juices off with cool water and allow melon to drain.
  • You may use the melon in any stir fry you choose, but try this simple preparation method: saute in a little oil with pressed garlic and a little onion. Check before seasoning, as it may be salty enough.


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If you'd like to try something more complicated, here are other bitter melon recipes you might like to try!

Betsy Truitt comes from a family with many insulin resistant and diabetic relatives, and writes about insulin resistance in an attempt to help others as well as herself. See [] for more information and articles on how to overcome your insulin resistance.

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