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3 Major Causes of High Blood Sugar

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There are many causes of high blood sugar that should concern people every day of their lives, especially when they are pre-diabetic or have been diagnosed with hyperglycemia and diabetes. Understanding the causes alone can help you lower sugar levels in your blood on your own so you can avoid the hazards associated of higher sugar counts.

To understand what can lower your glucose levels, you need to explore what causes high sugar levels.

A higher count of sugar in the blood means that you have a higher amount of glucose in your blood stream. This is caused by a few bad habits and can directly affect your health.

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For instance, if you don't eat a light snack before bed, your body may produce an inappropriate dose of insulin while you are sleeping causing you to have higher blood sugars in the morning. This is known as the Somogyi Effect or the body's tendency to react to low sugar by over compensating, thus causing a higher level of sugar in the blood in the morning when you wake up. If this occurs, you will feel like you are having a sugar rush right after you wake up.

Lowering high sugar to a normal level in the morning is done by eating something an hour or so before bedtime. This allows your body's normal insulin producing function to work properly and apply the correct amount of insulin during your sleeping period.

Another one of the causes of high blood sugar is eating foods with excessively high amounts of sugars or carbohydrates. Think about how much man-made sugar containing foods you eat during the day that contain chemicals to preserve them. Almost every food in society today contains some sort of chemical, especially if it isn't on a produce shelf at the supermarket.

You must think back to the times before processed foods, preservatives, and chemicals. Before such things, the human body was made to digest natural foods such as water, seeds, grasses, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. The body, like any other machine, is made to run off of certain fuels. If you start introducing the wrong fuels into it, it breaks down. This breakdown is what causes sugar related diseases such as natural diabetes.

Taking a careful inventory of your daily diet will reveal several triggers that must be dealt with in order to start lowering high sugar counts. Start eating more non-complex foods in your daily diet and stop eating foods with chemically created sugars such as high fructose corn syrup. Give your body the right fuel and it will run correctly throughout the day.

Another one of the causes of higher sugar levels is your daily activity. If your body is used to going through certain motions throughout the day such as exercise or routine movement, your glucose levels may go up when you stop exercising or moving.

Developing a routine is very important throughout your life. When that routine is suddenly interrupted, your body reacts in unusual ways to compensate for the changes. To avoid rapid interruptions in your routine, you need to plan ahead (if you can) and gradually wean yourself out of one routine and into another.

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By maintaining a good diet of the foods your body was designed to run off of and maintaining a solid routine, your body in most cases will run efficiently and as normal as possible. If this doesn't help eliminate the primary causes of high blood sugar, research some of the foods to avoid that are high in blood sugar, you may have a serious medical condition that requires more treatment.

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