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5 Things To Know That Could Save Your Life From Major Organ Failure & Chronic Kidney Disease

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Kidney disease versus the coronavirus! What possible reason could there be for any rivalry between these two? Who cares which one comes out on top because at the end of the day both are killer diseases.

No one can deny this virus pandemic has been a scary time for us all. Spreading like wildfire the world over it has caused as much mayhem with economies as much as it has with loss of lives.

Sadly because of Covid19 people living with life-threatening conditions such as kidney disease, heart and cancer conditions have had their treatments put on the back burner while nurses and doctors have been otherwise occupied fighting through the clock to save lives of those infected, not to mention the endless hour's scientists have put in and still are trying to save even MORE lives with a vaccine.

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Being diagnosed with kidney disease, or any disease having said that, is not something you want to hear, however, if the diagnosis has come early then there's every possibility with medical intervention the disease can be treated.

Most diseases come with different stages, and should kidney failure be given as a diagnosis then this is known as the end-stage renal disease.

When kidneys give up and stop working the chance of surviving is zilch, that is unless dialysis or a kidney transplant happens for the patient.

To live a longer life it is paramount the kidneys are well cared for and that body weight is kept in check.

Unhealthy kidneys can't serve their purpose when they stop functioning, thus allowing excess water and waste to go unfiltered. At this point the patient can anticipate feeling tired and weak and that is because the body isn't getting an ample supply of clean blood. Then there's uremia the stage where the organs are no longer able to filter and get rid of any bad toxins during urination. If not treated, seizures, coma and death are likely.

Things to do to keep healthy kidneys...

Whenever the kidneys are included... think water and drink plenty of it. Staying hydrated is one of the best approaches to help the kidneys function as they should.

Now to the matter of food. It is important to eat the right sort of foods as opposed to the bad sorts... junk food. Aside from the kidneys eating sensibly boosts overall health regardless. If you're to keep the kidneys working properly, look towards eating a well-balanced diet as this will provide essential vitamins and minerals the body cries out for.

Blood pressure. The kidney organs play a major part in keeping blood pressure at a healthy level. If damaged they tend to struggle with regulating blood pressure which encourages it to rise. If chronic kidney disease is present, high blood pressure can complicate matters, for example, kidney disease worsening and probable heart issues.

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Again for all round health don't smoke or drink too much alcohol... period.

Try to maintain a weight that is considered healthy and the kidneys will benefit greatly. Some people sadly might have reason for being fat and getting treated for it. If this is you tell the doctor you're looking to better your kidney health and he/she will advise. Staying active and not overeating will give you a double whammy outcome---1. Healthy kidneys and 2. A body that's back in shape!

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