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Best Known Natural Ways To Control Blood Sugar Level

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“Health is wealth” - is the perfect saying. No doubt, nothing is there in this world to enjoy if we are not healthy. But in the fast pace life we all are being very busy earn money. There is a saying - “when the people are young they lose health to earn money and when they are wealthy, they lose money to regain health”. But the time of healthiness when we are young, will never come back no matter how wealthy we are?

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What is Blood Sugar Level?

Our body makes Glucose from protein and fat, this glucose works as a fuel for our brain, nervous system and body tissues. This glucose is called blood sugar. We all are supposed to maintain healthy blood sugar level which is very important for our health. The level of blood sugar should be between 80 and 140 mg/dL. The blood sugar level is mainly based on the consumption of carbohydrates. If we want to avoid diabetes then it becomes very essential to control blood sugar level, just to share with you heart diseases and diabetes are so close related that some time these diseases cause death, so there is no option left instead of controlling blood sugar level.

Why blood sugar level gets miss balanced?

Due to our wrong food habit, not doing exercises, smoking, alcohol, and fast life, the blood sugar level gets miss balanced, sometimes it becomes low blood sugar level and sometimes it becomes high blood sugar level. 

Natural ways to control blood sugar level

To control blood sugar level, we need to establish control of our life. The blood sugar level is entirely dependent on our food habits what we take in our body; most of the people take medicines to control, but there are many natural ways to control blood sugar level as follows:

1. Daily exercises and physical activities keep the person fit and it plays very important role to maintain blood sugar level healthy. It must be at least for 30 minutes daily.

2. We need to avoid eating junk food, smoking, alcohol and other wrong food habits. Instead we must take green vegetable, yellow fruits, grains and other healthy foods.

3. The fiber content should be high in food at least 40 grams fiber one must take every day.

4. Avoid refined carbohydrates and caffeine. Eat healthy fat.

5. Protein content must be the part of our meal, rich protein diet must be taken.

6. Start taking at least 4 TSP Lemon juice in salad with average meal.

7. Start taking Oatmeal, it would provide rich fiber content, helpful to control blood sugar level.

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While concluding the article I would definitely state if one wants to live healthy life, person has to avoid wrong food habits like fast/junk food, fat rich diet, and all kinds of intoxicants. Undoubtedly daily exercise will support to stay healthy for long term. And we would be able to control blood sugar level, it is not short time process to maintain blood sugar level in our body, it is long term process which goes slowly and gradually but keeps our body healthy for a longer period of time. We would not only be able to control blood sugar but we would find ourselves full of energy and enthusiasm.

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