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Blood Sugar Log

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A blood sugar log can be a valuable tool in helping to monitor your levels if you are diabetic. Ask your doctor how often you should check your blood sugar levels. Everyone's health conditions are different, and your physician will make a recommendation based on your own personal health situation.

You will want to save the readings to keep track of the results in a log. You'll want to be able to refer back to them to see how much you improve and or change over time.

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Logs can be used for either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, whether you are on oral medication, for example tablets or pills, or if you use insulin injections, or an insulin pump. The log book can help you to scout out "trouble spots" so you can see when is a good time to eat certain foods as well as how different activities and exercise can affect your readings.

Keeping a log is an excellent way to track the effectiveness of your insulin usage and helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

In this electronic age where everything seems to be computerized, sometimes it's nice to fall back on the old fashioned, hand written log book. You can carry it with you to your doctor visits and go over your records with your doctor.

Your log results are very important. Your doctor will use your records to monitor how often your levels are in your target range. This is how your doctor will know if your medicine needs to be adjusted. You should take your log with you to each visit with your doctor.

Keeping track of your sugar levels benefits you in a number of ways.

A. it helps you to treat low or high blood sugar before it becomes critical.

B. it lets you know how exercise and food affect your sugar levels and how much insulin to take if you take insulin.

Make checking your blood sugar level a regular habit and part of your daily routine. And when you check your blood levels use the sides of your finger, not the tips. The tips of your fingers are much more sensitive than the sides.

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