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Can Plant Foods Reverse Diabetes?

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Is it possible that plant foods can reverse type 2 diabetes? The answer to this question is that yes it is quite possible. A raw food diet eliminates the processed sugars and starches and replaces them with plant foods that are a natural diabetes cure.

Unfortunately, diabetes is fast becoming an epidemic that is increasing in numbers each day. The death rate from this terrible disease is set to increase by 80 percent in just America alone over the next ten years. We need to stop this number from rising by educating people on how to live healthy lives so that they can avoid diabetes.

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A plant food diet can help you to reverse type 2 diabetes by concentrating on your diet plan and including plenty of greens, fruits that are not sweet, vegetables, nuts and seeds, making sure that all foods that you consume are completely plant based.

Avoiding animal foods is essential as they contain cholesterol that can lead to high blood sugar, high blood pressure, as well as heart disease. Sticking to a low glycemic plant food only diet is essential if you want to reverse your type 2 diabetes.

Following are some suggestions of plant foods for type 2 diabetes:

  • Eat plenty of Green leafy vegetables
  • Add mineral rich sea vegetables to your diet like kelp, sea lettuce, nori, sea palm and dulse
  • Try to include fruits that are not sweet like tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, limes and lemons
  • Nuts and seeds that are beneficial include flax seeds, walnuts, pecans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds
  • Apple cider vinegar, raw sauerkraut, lentils and beans as well as all the herbs and spices available
  • Oils that are beneficial include olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil and sesame oil
  • Bitter Gourd or bitter melon has been proven to increase insulin sensitivity. It contains a lectin that has an insulin-like activity

Studies have shown that there are some spices that are extra special in helping with the treatment of diabetes; these include fenugreek seeds, garlic, onion, ginger, mustard, curry leaves, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and turmeric.

A great source of protein can be obtained from dry beans and lentils; these are used as the substitute for meat and fish. There is such a great variety of beans available that you can add to many dishes like kidney beans, soybeans, chickpeas, lima, pinto, garbanzo and black-eyed peas just to name a few.

The other benefits of a plant food diet are the fact that you can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and cancer. It appears that type 2 diabetes can be reversed with plant foods so that you can achieve optimum health once more.

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