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Diabetes Natural Home Remedies – Worth a Try?

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Diabetes is a nutrition disorder whose characteristics is abnormal and high levels of blood glucose it also involves excretion of the excess glucose in urine. It is caused by complete or comparative lack of insulin which leads to an abnormality in the carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. There are more cases of diabetes nowadays as compared to a few years back however a lot of remedies to this condition have been derived.

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What is the biggest contributor to diabetes?

Mango tree leaves

When boiled for a few minutes, 4-5 mango tree leaves will serve as a remedy for diabetes. The boiled juice is usually taken in the morning.

Jamun (syzygium cumin)

The seeds, leave and juice of jamun tree are also very useful in dealing with diabetes; the seeds of this plant prevent the conversion of starch to sugar. In the early stages chewing of about 4-5 leaves of jamun tree in the morning is advised or alternatively you can mash the leaves with water and drink half a glass for about 5-10 days.


Cinnamon contains a chemical that helps the usage of blood sugar more naturally and can thus be used as a remedy to diabetes. The cinnamon mixture is created by adding three table spoons of cinnamon to 1 liter of boiling water and the mixture simmered for 20 minutes in modest flame. The mixture is then strained. A daily intake of 1 litre is recommended.

Dried gooseberry powder and honey

Another remedy for diabetes is use of gooseberry powder which is usually mixed in equal proportions with honey, alternatively one can drink equal measures of fresh turmeric and goose berry juice on a stomach that is empty. This should be taken regularly.

Other remedies include -

1. Regular intake of grape juice.
2. Taking of 2-3 soft leaves of bilva and neem in the morning to reduce blood sugar.
3. Tacking of soaked almonds in the morning on an empty stomach.
4. Taking of 10 neem leaves, 10 leaves of tulsi and 10 belpatras together with a cup of water.
5. Taking of soybeans which contains a lot of proteins, vitamin A, fiber, calcium and iron is also good.
6. Regular body exercise.
7. Taking a cup of water saturated by bitter gourd seeds in the morning.

It is important to note that while diabetes continuous to affect many people the remedies above have been used to bring to balance the levels of blood sugar naturally instead of the regular insulin shot that diabetes patient get to control their blood sugar levels.

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