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Causes of High Blood Sugar Other Than Diabetes

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The presence of high blood sugar, notably high values above 150 or so has always been connected with the presence of either type I diabetes or type II diabetes. In some cases, pre-diabetes also tends to cause high blood sugar levels. But is this all it? Is the presence of high sugar an indication that the person may be suffering from diabetes? Well, the answer seems quite perturbing to the mind. No, diabetes is not the only reason for the presence of high blood sugar levels.

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Some of the other causes of high blood sugar levels are cases when a person may be undergoing an abnormal health condition. When multiple disorders affect a body, then some of them may tend to affect the insulin receptivity of the cellulose and molecules in the human body thus rendering the sugar produced with no place to go. These excess sugar molecules are the reason for the high blood sugar during fasting tests. Other reasons include pregnancy and the time of delivery.

At these times, it has been found that the cells of the body In a woman may be undergoing a rapid transformation in a period of highly charged molecular activity, which tends to sometimes produce high sugar.

Another potential reason for the presence of high sugar is the intake of inappropriate food in non symmetrical quantities. For example, intake of food having a high amount of sugar causes high blood sugar, but may not necessarily be a cause of diabetes, of either types.

This elevation in the blood glucose levels, though, tend to have an equally noticeable symptom as diabetes. Some of the symptoms seen are frequent urination, especially during the nights, blurry vision, thirst or weight loss. This may also lead to elevated heart risks.

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