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Diabetes and Weight Loss – You Can Control Your Calorie Intake With These Foods

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One of the most significant ways to control your blood sugar is through diet and the foods you chose. It is wise to keep your total calories for the day at a low but healthy level. The foods listed below contain almost no calories, and may even end up in the negative because you will burn them for energy. This means you can enjoy as much of each of these foods as you like...

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1. Apples are nutritious, and a cup of a sliced apple contains 57 calories and three grams of dietary fiber.

2. Carrots are mainly orange but are also found in white, purple, yellow and red colors. They contain high amounts of beta-carotene that converts to vitamin A; essential for good eyesight. There are only 53 calories in one cup and more than 400% of the daily value for vitamin A.

3. Mushrooms are often used as a meat substitute by vegans and vegetarians. One cup contains just 15 calories along with vital nutrients.

4. Tomatoes are known as one of the world's most popular vegetables for taste and versatility. Containing lycopene, a beneficial compound, tomatoes can protect against...

  • inflammation,
  • heart disease, and
  • cancer.

4. Strawberries are delicious, versatile and fashionable. Consuming berries may protect against chronic illnesses such as heart disease and cancer, with fewer than 50 calories in a single cup.

5. Spinach is full of minerals and vitamins including vitamins A and K, as well as folate. Spinach contains a lot more protein than many other vegetables of the leafy green variety. Digesting one cup is only seven calories, so it is most likely to be a negative-calorie food.

6. Drinks. Water is the best drink as it has zero calories. Most of the herbal teas have very few or no calories. A cup of black coffee only has two calories. These are the best liquids to drink as everything else has more calories so read the labels if you don't know.

7. Cucumbers are often used in salads. They are mainly water, so half a cup of cucumber is only eight calories.

8. Watermelon is a fruit well-known for its hydrating ability. It is loaded with vitamin C and has a certain amount of nearly all nutrients. A cup of diced watermelon only has 46 calories.

9. Celery is widely acknowledged as one of the best low-calorie foods. It is high in water and has insoluble fiber, meaning it generally goes through your body without being digested. One cup of chopped celery only contains 18 calories.

Summary. There are plenty of other foods also in this category, including...

  • cabbage,
  • Brussels sprouts,
  • garlic,
  • grapefruit,
  • lettuce,
  • lime,
  • lemon,
  • turnips,
  • zucchini and so on.

Among this list of low-to-no-calorie foods, there are sure to be some you enjoy. Make the most of them instead of eating high-calorie processed foods that do not help you control your Type 2 diabetes and overall health.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lower both your weight and your blood sugar levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.

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