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Blood Sugar Control and Diet – A Plan to Reverse Diabetes

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Eating the proper diet is very important in controlling as well as preventing diabetes. The good news is that whether you want to lower your risk of diabetes or control a pre-existing issue, you are still able to enjoy and take pleasure in your favorite foods and meals. A diabetic's nutritional needs are just the same as anyone else's; there are no special foods or diets necessary. But, if what you have been eating has not been ideal, you should learn better eating habits. The goal of a diabetic's diet is to eat in moderation, have regular mealtimes and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

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A diabetic's diet cannot be based on desires and in amounts wanted. A well-balanced meal plan needs to be followed that has the proper amounts of appropriate food to control blood sugar levels and keep it close to normal.

Some health food choices for a diabetic include:

- colorful fruits and vegetables
- high quality protein such as fish, lean meat, beans and lentils
- whole grain foods instead of foods made from white flour
- brown rice and wheat pasta instead of white rice and white pasta that is made from white flour
- lean meats like chicken and turkey (all meats should be baked with the skin removed)
- non-fat dairy,cheeses and yogurt
- cook in liquid oils instead of solid fat
- control portion sizes
- avoid high calorie snacks and desserts
- choose herbal or green tea, lemon water or water for beverages
- limit or avoid sodas as a beverage

It is recommended that a good multi-vitamin be taken every day. There may also be other supplements that are beneficial for a diabetic to try. As a basic rule, gel caps, capsules and liquids are better for the body than tablets as they are absorbed into the body more efficiently. A lot of additives, fillers and food coloring should also be avoided in supplements and vitamins.

When trying to reverse diabetes with diet and controlling blood sugar, it is important to check your blood sugar level as needed and learn everything to manage your diabetes. It is very important to know which particular foods and what other factors affect blood sugar. If your blood sugar is not kept at a safe level or your diabetes is not managed correctly, this illness may lead to physical complications including kidney, eye and circulatory issues.

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