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How to Reverse Diabetes Using Diet, Not Drugs

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I often wonder when I see a plate of brown or white things, which is often, how the human body assimilates the stuff. As I stand in line at an all-you-can eat buffet awaiting my turn I think how it must have been way back, long before lines like these existed. When the world was full of colorful food instead of beige, what humans ate, how they ate it and so on. I picture a family gathered around a fire ready for their dinner. A basket filled with bright green leaves, purple berries, maybe some meat if the father was still alive after a hunt. Whether readily accessible or not it was always local, fresh, and organic. As a matter of fact those kinds of things were not thought of and didn't even exist. It was a no-brainer. What also didn't exist was beige and white foods besides, perhaps the potato.

Through-out the many centuries of refinement and upgrades humans have worked extremely hard so that the end result was to not have to. We have convenience, variety, and a plethora of tastes from all over the world; a truly luxurious lifestyle and how very fortunate we are to be able to experience this end result. We also have now a plethora of chronic diseases which, as we are quickly finding are due to primarily lifestyle choices. With convenience comes the beige, the white, the processed, the microwaved and so forth. Convenience has truly come with a devastating price: an early grave. The surgeon general has recently stated that this new generation may be the first to not live as long as their parents. This sounds to me more horrific then the most horrific war-story.

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This statement sounds more scary than the thought of another terrorist attack, natural disaster, or genocide. In fact this very may well be genocide. That's what it sounds me. More and more children are developing Type II or "adult on-set" diabetes than ever before. This very debilitating disease does not need to exist!

Diabetes is caused due to insulin resistance in the body. Sugar is transported in the body by a hormone called insulin produced by the pancreas. Insulin is there to help regulate blood sugar levels. We need insulin and I can only imagine back in the cave man era it was brought out to fight very rarely. When it is continuously being used it becomes exhausted and no longer works as it should. The result is a high blood sugar level accompanied by symptoms of being overweight, fatigued, cold and shaky after eating. Food should nourish and provide energy to the body not deplete the body of resources and make one feel tired. It's not here to make one obese.

It's not here to make one want to take a nap after lunch. Food is not the enemy; we are. What we are feeding ourselves and our children is nothing short of shameful. I understand we are fighting a losing battle against corporations that although don't want to kill their customers, they do want them addicted and coming back for more. So adding addicting substances such as sugar, white processed flours which is assimilated in the body as sugar, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) a chemically-altered and shelf-life extending form of sugar, salt, and fat will keep them coming back for more and away from the competition. They may not want to kill their customers, well, neither does the drug dealer.

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It has been shown time and time again in recent years that heart disease and diabetes can be reversed through diet. Patients have been coming off of their medications just by eating vegetables. It is simply amazing yet understandable. Are we surprised? Yes and no. It is not surprising that what you put into your body causes dis-ease. Think of a plant or a car or a goldfish. Now why can't we apply the same thought-process to ourselves and better yet our children. Heart disease begins in childhood. As parents we are completely responsible for what our children eat and yes I feel the parents of obese children should be charged with child neglect and/or abuse. They will eat what we give them, they have no choice. They will eat what tastes good to them.

I have three children; I know they like chicken nuggets and french fries. But I prepare squash with orzo instead and if they refuse to eat it they will go hungry; they won't die, they'll just be hungry. In time they learn they need to eat what is given to them if they don't want to be hungry later.

If you currently have been diagnosed with diabetes or are pre-diabetic (I'm assuming we all are), look at what you are eating. Is your plate beige and white or is it a rainbow of colors? Try eliminating dairy, meat, and processed foods and increase fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes. Visit sites that have lots of inspiration and recipes to get fresh ideas. Join forums for support; there are others just like you. Actually too many others. On your next doctor visit see what happens. If your numbers drop or better yet you can begin decreasing your medication then treat yourself to the spa and continue to stay on track.

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