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Lower Blood Sugar Levels Right With 5 Food Choices!

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Many diabetics choose to take tablets starting from low dose and increasing gradually with no concern to diet choices and exercise. If thought well, it can be bad if right diet and exercise are given least consideration. Here, the main concern of this article is to lead you to the right channel to lower blood sugar levels with proper diet choices.

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Foods high in fiber:

The first and foremost thing to keep in practice is eating fiber rich foods. Right choice is the right step to keep check on rising blood sugar in the bloodstream. Soluble fiber is the natural dietary fiber to help lower blood glucose levels in the food intake. Any such foods high in fiber help remove harmful fats and bile acids when the consumed food undergoes burning process. This is possible when you eat low-fat supplements with at least 8 gms of fiber sources as follows.

Whole grain foods=> Whole grain is the best source of fiber ingredient for type 2 diabetes with no need for taking high dose medication. But it should be remembered that the fiber ingredient fails to lower blood sugar when the grains like wheat and maize are ground to flour form. So, you understand the salient feature of whole grains with fiber component.

Brown rice=> Any food white in color is the first enemy to develop diabetes in adults. Once the brown layer of brown rice is peeled off in refinery process, the hidden 'white enemy' emerges out and smiles to embrace the diabetic and starts its work to increase blood sugar in the diabetic body. So, it is insisted to eat brown rice though less delicious than white varieties.

Dried beans=> Bean varieties and peas are simple diabetic diet foods with fiber component to play an effective role of controlling blood glucose in the blood cells. Soaking the beans overnight and getting fresh for boiled cooking can be good to lower blood sugar.

Fresh fruits=> It is usual to eat fruits low in sugar when you are prone to diabetes. You can enjoy the maximum benefits if you choose to eat fresh fruits with unpeeled skin. This is because fruit skins have more fiber. In this group you can eat oranges, red grapes, guava and pomegranates. Apples high in fiber and berries excellent in antioxidants help lower sugar levels as desired.

Green vegetables=> It will be highly recommended that a diabetic adds one or two green leafy vegetables to sufficiently keep control of blood sugar.

Just try the least and get the most.

Are you ever born to develop diabetes complications with you? No, start controlling blood sugar which is really an art. If you want to be an expert and safe, you should keep up with Diabetic Foods to Eat AND Diabetes Foods to Avoid.

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