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How to Start Practicing Positive Affirmations?

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I don’t know why, but some people think positive affirmations are
just empty words. That they are just senseless and meaningless
phrases, something that is always said but never meant. And I
understand that, what with countless posts on social media that
always seem to ooze of “positivity.”
However, positive affirmations are more than that. If said correctly,
positive affirmations can turn someone’s day from bad to
good. Words are powerful, it can change someone’s mindset. And
that kind of power should be used to do good deeds.
You don’t want to tell yourself you can’t do something even
though there’s a slight chance you can succeed at that particular
task. You’re too afraid to fail, and you’re basically setting yourself
up for failure by telling yourself you can’t.
So, the right thing to do is to encourage yourself positively. Tell
yourself “you can” or “you should” or “you must.” There’s really no
reason for you to tell yourself otherwise unless you’re a die-hard
pessimist with no hope of ever turning into an optimist.
But, I believe that for as long as we’re alive, we always have the
chance and the opportunity to take life by the horns and take it to
where we want to go.
To begin with positive affirmations, you’ve got to make sure you
believe what you’re saying. Sure, the first few times you say it, it
might sound like you’re saying some foreign mumbo-jumbo,
something that makes zero sense to you. However, if you choose
to believe in what you’re saying, and you MUST believe, then
you’ll experience the positive effects shortly.
When you say your affirmations to yourself, say it out loud if you
can. Of course, if you’ve got a hundred people within earshot, you
may want to tone it down a bit. However, if you’re in the privacy of
your room or your office, well, there’s really no harm in talking to
yourself, right?
So, if you’re reading this guide from the comfort of your home, try
saying this out loud, “I am a positive thinker. I am a doer. I will
achieve what I’ve set out to do.”
Read that sentence again. If that makes sense for you, you’ll believe
it. And when you say it to yourself, you will say it like you
mean it. You will say it with conviction. And because of that, you
will go places and achieve what you’ve set out to do!