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Prevent Diabetes Diet

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If there is one disease that can really debilitate your body and bring about death, it is diabetes. You are lucky though since this is actually a disease that you can prevent. With the rising cases of diabetes in the world it has become even more important to find out what causes diabetes and what you can do to make sure you lower your chances of ever becoming diabetic.

Should you already have diabetes, you do not need to worry because depending on what type you have you can even reverse it or at least manage to control it so that you do not need to worry about its more debilitating effects. Below are some tips that you are sure to find interesting.


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Most experts agree that people who are overweight have higher chances of developing diabetes and this should tell you that one way to avoid diabetes is to watch what you eat and stay within a normal weight.

Most people who are asked about diabetes will often say that it has something to do with sugar and that sugar is to be avoided at all costs. They are only half right since diabetes since does have something to do with sugar but this doesn't means sugar is to be cut out completely. As a diabetic, you can have sugar with your coffee or with your dessert; just make sure you use very small amounts and that you do not have it every day. More importantly you can have sugar as long as you control the portions and pair it with exercise.

It also helps if you choose where you put the sugar; baked pastries with refined starches, loads of butter and sugar are a major no-no while putting a sprinkling of sugar on your grapefruit is perfectly fine. If you really want to play it safe, you can also make use of artificial sugar substitutes like Equal or Splenda and if artificial bothers you coconut sap sugar that has low glycemic index can do the trick.

Another thing people believe about diabetes is that it is best to eat a diet that is high in protein because carbs break down into sugar. What you need to realize about this high-protein diet is that it can lead to insulin resistance which is a key factor in diabetes. It is better to eat a healthy diet that contains proper servings of proteins, carbs, vegetables, and yes some sweets on the side in the form of fruit or yogurt.

It would also help if you were to try out some supplements that have shown to be effective in managing blood sugar levels. You can find lots of supplements in the market and while some are made by big name pharm companies you can also find all natural diabetes supplements like moringa tea and capsules as well as sour-sop juice or Acai berry pills and concentrates. Ask your doctor before you decide to give them a go.

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