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The Dangers Of High Blood Sugar – What You Should Know

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Elevated blood sugar is fairly common, it also goes fairly unnoticed in most individuals. Why? Simply because until the effects become advanced, you wont notice anything different about yourself.

Lets break the whole thing down, allow me to explain.

For an individual to have high blood sugar, one of two things has already happened.

1. Their insulin sensitivity has decreased enough that blood sugar levels have raised to a higher fasting level. This is the moment when you first wake up, before you eat, before you stretch, before you start to stress out. All the tiny little things that can go towards altering your blood sugar levels have not yet interfered with them and subsequently your sugar levels should be perfect, the average reading being 5.5 or 100 depending on which part of the world your from. In an individual whose insulin sensitivity is lessened, the levels will be up, maybe not an awful lot but enough to raise a few small alarms.

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2. Their insulin sensitivity has already been lessened for quite some time and so to compensate, the body has upped the amount of insulin secreted to combat rising sugar levels, as a result of this continual upped level of insulin, the pancreas begins to suffer fatigue and will in time collapse from exhaustion as so to speak.

As you can see, both points are pretty much the same thing but 2. is a more serious stage than 1. The tragedy of this scenario is that most people will sail blissfully unaware, through both stages, until the time the pancreas can temporarily no longer do its job. It is then that blood sugar levels will go through the roof in a matter of days as the body goes into meltdown and hospitalization will almost certainly be inevitable.

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The tragedy here is that if most people were to catch it in time, high blood sugar problems would never exceed point 1. and they would naturally reverse back into a normal range.
The dangers of high blood sugar are real, there is no question about it and as the damage is slowly done, it is done so under an invisible veil. The best cure is is actually prevention.

What is this prevention? Simply put, a common sense approach to diet. Find out the exact guidelines and preventative measures at and find out about reversing type 2 diabetes yourself.

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