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Top 10 Healthiest Foods For Diabetics These Foods Control Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

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I know the time value of the reader, so without involving you in the details of definition and causes of diabetes, I would like to jump straight in the 10 healthiest foods for diabetics.

Bitter Gourd is an Indian vegetable which naturally contains plant insulin. Juice of fresh bitter gourd, if consumed twice a day; greatly helps in controlling the level of blood glucose. It is cooked like other Indian vegetables. The easiest method of eating bitter gourd is to have powdered extract of bitter gourd.

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Cinnamon is a famous spice. Various studies and researches are carried out to reveal the connection of diabetes and cinnamon. The results of the studies reveal that cinnamon helps in the metabolism of sugar in the diabetic's body. It plays a vital role in reversing the insulin resistance. Extensive researches were carried out in labs for checking the effect of insulin on mice. The results were a light of hope for all diabetics, Cinnamon naturally contain a component that works on the principle of synthetic insulin.

Fenugreek is an Indian herb. It has been clinically proved that consumption of 3 gm fenugreek daily helps the diabetics in controlling the symptoms of diabetes.

Grapefruit juice is equivalent to half an hour's brisk walk. It is rightly termed a super fruit for all diabetics.

Amla juice mixed with bitter gourd juice helps to prevent the dangerous blood glucose levels. These glucose levels provide the onset of various diabetic complications.

Gymnema Sylvester is an ayurvedic herb. Indian experts strongly recommend the diabetics to consume around 4 gm Gymnema Sylvester daily.

Jamun Seed is also called Indian Blackberry. Powder of seeds of jamun if consumed with honey daily; help to reverse the diabetic condition.

Raw Garlic is a most commonly used spice. Consuming raw garlic helps to lower down the level of blood glucose.

Neem Leaves are profitable for diabetics. A handful of neem seeds are healthier for diabetics.

Vinegar is healthier for diabetics. Various researches are being conducted for proving the relation of vinegar and blood glucose levels. Results of these studies revealed that vinegar has the ability to drastically reduce the formation of spikes in the blood glucose levels. The blood sugar level spikes are generally seen soon after meals. However the incorporation of 2 Tablespoon vinegar just before eating meals helps in reducing these blood sugar level spikes. Vinegar can be consumed as vinaigrette or as an integral part of salad dressing. If these dangerous blood sugar level spikes are left untreated, they pose serious health related complications.

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