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What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels?

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Blood Sugar Level Chart Aids in Diabetes Management & Control

Whenever a person is diagnosed as diabetic or pre-diabetic he starts to collect information about the disease. First of all he needs to learn about normal blood sugar levels and abnormal blood sugar levels. If you are also a newly diagnosed diabetic then the following reading will be of great help to you as it contains a chart which depicts the normal range of blood sugar levels.

As we know that glucose is the prime source of energy. Glucose is the class of sugar that enters the human body whenever he consumes foods rich in carbohydrates. The level of glucose is regulated by the hormone insulin. This hormone is produced by the pancreas and then released into the bloodstream.

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It is not an easy task to monitor the level of glucose in blood. There are hundreds of meters in the market that are designed to measure the level of glucose in blood at home or while traveling. Sometimes doctors recommend even more sophisticated devices that are simple to use and give more detailed data.

Given below is a simple blood sugar level chart. This chart will help you to better understand which levels are required for maintaining better health and avoiding diabetic complications.

Normal Range of Blood Sugar Level should be

70 mg/dl ~ 150 mg/dl

Typically these levels are lower in morning but rise slightly after having full meals.

Random Blood Glucose Level should be

Less than 200 mg/dl

Regardless of the time of last meal the blood glucose must not rise above this level. If it rises it means the person is diabetic.

Fasting Blood Sugar Level should be

70 mg/dl ~ 99 mg/dl

This must be the level when a person wakes up in the morning. If the level rises above 126 mg/dl it means the person is diabetic.

It is important to watch the pattern of blood glucose readings. One must note which type of food, activity or medication cause an unwanted increase or decrease in the blood glucose levels.

If the blood sugar readings are not in the desired range then you must start taking action right now. Visit Warning Signs Of Diabetes to know the tips and tricks to lower down the blood glucose levels in the morning. You will also here get a blank chart that will help to record the blood sugar level and will give you an automated graph of your glucose readings. Your action will determine how much you are concerned about your health.

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