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What herbs help fight cancer?

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As cancer is now becoming a common and feared disease, the race is on to find a cure that is quick, easy, and accessible to everyone. Most of the current medical options available are either too costly or simply too stressful.
However as most people have no choice, they either opt not to have any treatment or decide to go through the suffering with the hope of gaining back some semblance of their previous lives.

Fighting Cancer

Herbal remedies offer an alternative. Some people recommend that these herbal remedies be used alongside the current ongoing treatments and some don’t.

The deciding factor would be the level of advancement the cancer stage is in. Also to be noted is the type of cancer the patient is suffering from, as different herbs work differently to address the various conditions caused by cancer.
Below are some tried and true herbs used to treat specific cancer conditions:

  • Breast cancer – broccoli and green tea
  • Colon cancer – broccoli
  • Esophageal cancer – green tea
  • General cancer – aloe vera and periwinkle
  • Liver cancer – green tea
  • Lung cancer – aloe vera and broccoli
  • Pancreatic cancer – green tea
  • Preventive cancer – broccoli, carrot, tarragon and tomato
  • Prostate cancer – aloe vera, fennel and green tea
  • Rectal cancer – broccoli
  • Skin cancer – green tea
  • Stomach cancer – aloe vera, broccoli, garlic and green tea
  • Testicular cancer – periwinkle
  • Cancer treatment – aloe vera, Echinacea, lantana and violet
  • Cancer sores – goldenseal, lavender
    There are also some herbs that help to keep the body in better shape so it then is equipped with the necessary elements to fight off the cancer cell or arrest its progressive destructive state.
    Herbs like:
  • Astragalus
  • dong quai
  • Echinacea
  • shiitake
  • and maitake mushrooms

all have these properties to help in the fight against cancer. However relying on these herbs alone is not advisable.
Another herb that is popular in arresting the cancer cells from its destructive nature is the mistletoe. Mistletoe preparations are commonly used to stimulate the immune system and to kill cancer cells effectively. In some extreme cases it has been noted to shrink cancer causing tumors.