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3 Easy Steps to Reversing Diabetes Today

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I have always wondered and considered whether there was a possibility of having a cure for diabetes because of its possibility of creating other health problem like hypertension, heart attacks, stroke, liver disorders, etc.Unfortunately doctors gave the impression{because they are supposed to be health experts}that it could only be managed along with its other health crisis it could bring along with it.

I felt so bad knowing my close friend,{Raphael} had to live with it all through his life.There came one of the biggest controversy in the health industry as some individuals who had dedicated their lives to a concept called nature therapy came up to say that all forms of diseases could be reversed or corrected, if proper health tips could be followed.

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The underlying principle is that:

1, That Man is born healthy and strong and that he can actually stay that way and live a healthy life if he abides by the principles or laws of nature. The fact also is that even if born with some inherited disease, the individual can eradicate it by putting to the very best use the natural healing agents. The principle also states that disease is an abnormal health condition caused by the abuse of simple natural laws. Such violations always causes problems like irregularities of the blood and lymph, and the accumulation of waste matter or toxins in the system. This accumulation not only affects the digestive tract, but it also affects other organs like kidney, skin, and the lungs are overworked and can therefore cannot get rid of toxins the way it should have. Once we realize that the human body actually has an elaborate self healing system which has the ability to return the body to its normal health condition from an abnormal condition. Therefore the power to heal or cure a disease lies within the human body and not in the hands of any physician or doctor so before you consider whether to buy the next pill or take insulin shots, take a close examination to these ideals.

When you take drugs for diabetes or for any ailment, it at first hinders the body's self healing process and makes recovery difficult. According to an eminent physician, Sir William Osler, when drugs are used, the individual has to recover twice, which means first recover from the illness and then also recover from the effects of the drug. Diabetes is a nutritional disorder and ONE of the easy steps is to correct diet. The dietary condition is that the patient should adhere to a strict lacto-vegetarian diet, take low calorie, low fat, alkaline diet of a natural high quality foods.

2, Fruits and raw vegetables also form a good diet for a diabetic patient. He should not be frightened to consume fruits that contain natural sugar because it does not need insulin for its assimilation because it contains sugar fructose.please stay away from fleshy foods if you can because its not well tolerated by diabetics.

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3, Exercise plays a key role in reversing the body from an abnormal condition to a normal one. Just as a guideline, take upon arising (in the morning), a glass of lukewarm water mixed with fresh lemon juice. You will actually be surprised if you drink it daily.Just once a day is sufficient.

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