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4 Steps To Reversing Diabetes

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I remember the first time I heard the words, "You have diabetes." I was in the hospital, in a very vulnerable frame of mind to begin with, and there were those terrible words that I had always dreaded. A close family member also had diabetes so it wasn't totally unexpected but on the other hand it still shocked me hearing that verdict. To make matters worse, the diagnosis was delivered to me almost as if it were an afterthought given that the doctors were more concerned about why I was in the hospital.

Over the next week, specialists came in to teach me how to use a glucose blood meter and how to "manage" my disease. They made it sound like there was absolutely no way to reverse diabetes -- certainly no cure for diabetes. They only talked with me about how to "control" the disease and how to "manage" it.

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Knowing what I now know about how to reverse diabetes, the traditional medical folks did not even do a great job in teaching me how to manage diabetes. They simply don't seem to understand what is REALLY important:

To reverse diabetes, you have to address the underlying cause of diabetes, not just the symptoms!!

Unfortunately, the traditional medical community is trained to focus not on the underlying cause but on controlling the number one symptom they use to diagnose this disease: high blood sugar.

They teach you how to prick your finger and take your blood glucose. Depending on your reading, they instruct you to take take more or less medication to "control" your blood sugar levels with the goal of keeping your blood sugar within a certain range. However, not once do they teach you how to address what is actually causing your blood sugar levels to be high in the first place!

How depressing this can be!

You are told you have a chronic disease that will stay with you the rest of your life, shorten your lifespan, and lower the quality of life you do have. You are also told there is no cure and no way to reverse diabetes.

It does NOT have to be this way!

I am very happy to report that I HAVE reversed my diabetes. And... I'm not just judging this by blood glucose levels but also by hemoglobin A1c tests which are far more reliable as they test the average glucose levels for the last 3 months.

I can even eat ice cream on occasion now and then test my blood sugar and it is stays normal.

I have also come to the conclusion that while traditional medicine is really good at a lot of things, like the techniques they use in the emergency room for example, they are not so good with chronic diseases like diabetes. I have found that alternative medicine is a far better source of information on how to reverse (i.e. cure) diabetes.

Okay, this article is turning into a long one so let me get to the 4 things you need to do to reverse diabetes:

1. Change your mindset. Instead of accepting the idea that you can't cure diabetes, you need to develop a healthy positive attitude that you CAN cure it. I know this sounds pretty basic but actually I think it is the single most important step you will need to take. This is because without the right attitude you will not be able to follow through on what you need to do.

2. Find a doctor who has a positive attitude toward reversing diabetes naturally. You may need to go doctor shopping to find this person and get a different doctor than the one you currently use. If you are currently working with a doctor who doesn't believe it is possible and will fight you every step of the way, you will not be able to reverse your diabetes as easily as someone who has that support. Also, you may need to be carefully weened off of certain medications as you reverse this disease so it is very important you have the right doctor on board and willing to help you every step of the way.

3. Avold COMPLETELY certain "foods" that are responsible for disrupting your cell membranes and metabolic functions that actually cause diabetes. These foods include but are not limited to trans fat and high fructose corn syrup. You will need how to read food labels accurately and the truths about certain foods that are not labeled correctly at all.

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4. Make absolutely certain that you are feeding your body certain specific foods that it needs to repair the damage that is already done that is causing your diabetes. You also need to make sure you are eating the foods needed to maintain a healthy body once you do repair it. These foods include but are not limited to certain types of omega-3's, certain types of fiber, certain minerals, and certain other micronutrients. This will also involve learning the super foods you need to eat often. Don't worry, it is also delicious!

I would like to invite you to visit my " Reverse Diabetes Naturally " website. I discuss these topics in much depth and give you the information you really need to cure your diabetes.

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