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Are You Still Looking For Weight Loss Drinks That Work?

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There are a lot of weight loss drinks out there, and one of the latest to hit the market is Full Life One from Nexagen USA.  But this isn't just a diet drink.  It is a totally new concept in dietary supplement drinks that delivers weight management, energy boost, and total nutritional support all in one. The all-natural formulation takes weight loss drinks to a whole new level thanks to a fresh new twist for the base of the drink.

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Among herbal drinks for weight loss, there is the Mona Vie with the Acai, the XanGo with the mangosteen, the Goji, the Noni - among others, all of which offer high ORAC values. "But," as Dr. Charles Rouse, a registered pharmacist and doctor of natural medicine recounts, "we were looking for the ultimate in nutrition. So we went to Dallas to the world experts on aloe vera - the glucomanna. The place where you get that aloe vera, it’s the super aloe vera, it’s the aloe vera that makes the cells of the body behave, makes the cells of the body very accepting. Therefore, even if we didn’t put anything else in the formula, we knew we already had a base hit."  As a result, Full Life One is first among natural weight loss drinks that is - at it's base - an aloe vera weight loss drink.

But to create the best of the best weight loss supplements drinks on the market, the product development team at Nexagen didn't stop with just the aloe vera.  They also added another all-natural, unique, scientifically developed formula in the form of Citrin K from Sabinsa Corporation. "The K stands for potassium.," Dr. Rouse explains, "The reason we use Citrin K, the K part is most cell active - most liver performing. So Citrin K, the major part of it, is literally to go down there and clean up the liver; to help us to get rid of a fatty, congested liver."  Result is a detox drink and weight loss acceleration. Additionally, Citirn K is beneficial for alleviating Rheumatism and bowel complaints plus aids antioxidants, thermogenics, and even functions as a cardio tonic.

Another ingredient in this new, natural weight loss drink from Nexagen is Svetol, derived from Robusta coffee beans grown in France.  Besides delivering a safe, sutained enregy, Svetol also aids in fat-loss and controlling blood sugar levels. "It inhibits the synthesis of bad fats, that’s what we call white adipose tissue, and it allows brown adipose tissue, good lean, to keep on going.," explains Dr. Rouse,  "And conjunctively, when it starts working on the synthesis, blocking out the bad fatty acids, it also starts decreasing blood sugar concentrations in the blood. So, anybody who is a diabetic will do exceedingly well with Full Life One."

Resveratrol is another natural ingredient making Full Life One among the best weight loss drinks available on the market.  For migraine sufferers, a two ounce shot of Full Life One can provide relief in a short period of time.  As Dr. Rouse explains, "It makes every blood vessel in the body healthier – whether you’re talking about an artery, a vein, a capillary – it matters not – every blood vessel healthier. I started taking Resveratrol twenty years ago because I was first having migraine headaches." 

Three women who tried Full Life One for the first time reported that the migraines they had been enduring all day were gone within thirty to forty minutes. "We keep the little two ounce super shot ice cold in our refrigerator at the store for this purpose," says Dr. Rouse, "When people walk in they’re fatigued. They’re tired. But most of them are achy and headachy, and this nutrition, this two ounce super shot, is the best nutrition on the world market for headaches – and that includes cluster headaches, migraine headaches, tension headaches, just common allergy headaches."

There are even reports that this natural weight loss drink from Nexagen helps revitalize hair for women.  "I started using Full Life One when it was released at the end of November, [2008].," says Dar Morehouse of Goshen, Indiana, "But when I went through my back surgery 2 1/2 years ago, my hair started getting really thin and really brittle.  I get my hair trimmed up about every five weeks...Now, I'm telling you, I'm going to have a haircut Wednesday; she's gonna have a lot of hair to cut.  My hair is getting thick.  It's just growing like crazy.  It is just absolutely amazing.  Everybody is asking me, 'What are you doing with your hair?' It's just; it looks crazy."

As we have seen, Nexagen USA's Full Life One is a weight loss drink, a detox drink, and an energy drink.  No question, it is in the vanguard of herbal drinks for weight loss.  In addition, it contains other essential nutrients your body needs if your looking for the way to stay healthy, and in some cases it even stimulates your body's own healing process.  In the end, Full Life One is a well-intentioned blend of natural goodness that can do exactly what Nexagen planned. It's expensive, yes, but based on numerous testimonies, it delivers for those seeking weight loss drinks that work.