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Blood Sugar Diabetes – Health and Travel Trips

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As a diabetic, your diabetes daily care routine is the most important item to you. Keeping blood sugar diabetes health levels are critical as is the size of your meals and the amount of carbs you take in. Travel times are the most stressful and its important to plan ahead to insure that you keep your routine on schedule without any interruptions.

Before leaving on your trip, plan a pre-trip checkup with your doctor. If it is pretty close to time to get your A1c, get the test done shortly before you plan to travel. Bring in your blood glucose meter readings and discuss them with your doctor. If you are planning travel to a destination that may require vaccinations, get them taken care of.


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Make sure you wear an id bracelet that identifies you as a diabetic. This is especially important if you are traveling by air to avoid any problems that may happen while you are in the air. Stay hydrated on long trips and plan it so your meals stay on time. With a little extra planning, you can even plan meals and snacks on the road to stay within your nutritional goals.

Pack your medication so it goes where you go. Never check medication in baggage; take it with you in a carry on bag or purse. This way, you won't have anxiety if your luggage gets lost on your trip. This includes your blood glucose meter - readings are important so keep your testing schedule intact so you know what your levels are.

Meals out when you vacation are the most stressful times so don't be shy when ordering from a menu. Emphasize meals that contain fruits and vegetables and keep starches, meats and sugars to a minimum. That includes dessert - cakes and pies can derail your diabetes daily care so be extra careful and vigilant. Ask your spouse or the people you dine with to help you out, they may be more understanding than you expect.

Finally, kick back relax and enjoy! You just might find activities such as walking, sports, swimming, etc. that you can enjoy and that are good for you. Take in the sights and do things that reduce your stress. Read a book, see a movie, or find activities you like. The purpose of a vacation or a trip - even if it concerns business - is a break from your ordinary routine. Use it to your best benefit.

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Blood sugar diabetes health can be maintained on your trip or vacation if you take the precautions to plan. Get a check up before your trip and talk to your doctor. Keep your medicines with you when you travel to avoid them getting lost if something happens to your luggage. Make sure you continue to test your blood sugar and keep up with your levels. Take the time to relax and find activities you find pleasurable. You can manage your diabetes and enjoy your travel.

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