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Blood Sugar Level After Eating – Tips to Control Blood Glucose Level After Meals

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Diabetes check involves measures on two scales - blood sugar level before eating & blood sugar level after eating. While the prior one shows the normal status of your body reactions, the other states if the diet you are taking is justified to your health or not. Now, one thing we must consider is that blood sugar level after eating primarily depends on the food you eat.

On an average it takes around 1 and a half hour to digest a meal that we take. So the test is conducted in around one & half or two hours after you have had the meal.

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Many people take an insulin injection just before they have food. Actually it is preferred only for those individuals who have very high & uncontrolled level of diabetes. It is better that you take some precautions to control the blood glucose level after your meal.

Tips To Control Blood Glucose Level After Meal

Go for a Walk.

Taking a walk immediately after the food helps in the digestion. It also burns the excess fat that you have procured from the food.

Drink warm water or do not drink water at all.

The medical experts and dieticians say that you should not have water immediately after the food. You should either take it before the meal or at least 1 hour after that. Actually water solidifies the fat inside the body. That leads to the formation of bad cholesterol that is extremely injurious in many ways. Now the better option to substitute it is warm water. This you could opt to have even two glasses or more. It is would also help in reducing your appetite.

Do yoga.

A yogasana known as 'vajrasana' is helpful in better digestion. In case you sit in that posture after the food for around 15 minutes, it shall help in several ways. It reduces weight, it does not allow the formation of bad cholesterol, it speeds up the digestion process and it works to reduce the fat collected around the abdomen area. The blood glucose level after your meal can significantly reduce if you do this at least thrice a day.

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