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How Resistance Training Can Help You Heal Diabetes

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If you are someone who is suffering from Type 2 diabetes or, even if you are someone who is at a high risk for developing this disease and are looking to do everything you can to stop it from developing in your body, resistance training is going to be an absolute must.

Far too many people who have this condition and have been instructed to start exercising, simply hop onto the cardio equipment thinking this will burn their excess fat and keep them healthy.

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Big mistake.

Interval training has so many benefits not to be overlooked. Here's why it can help you heal your diabetes.

1. Greater Insulin Sensitivity. First, regular strength training is actually going to improve your insulin sensitivity level, which is the hallmark of what causes Type 2 diabetes. Those with poor insulin sensitivity from years of eating processed foods high in sugar, are going to be at a very high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes along with numerous other negative health effects.

Resistance training however, has the opposite effect and will make your body cells more sensitive to insulin, making it easier for you to handle the carbohydrates you consume.

2. Improved Metabolic Rate. Next, regular interval training is also going to go a long way towards improving your metabolic rate as well. Since your metabolic rate is going to account for how many calories you burn up on a day-to-day basis, the higher it is, the easier it will be to maintain your healthy body weight.

And since maintaining a healthy body weight is something that a diabetic must really focus on, you can see how this is to your benefit.

3. Enhanced Muscle Glycogen Storage. Finally, the last reason why you should be starting up on a resistance training program plan is because it will also increase the total amount of glycogen storage you can maintain. As you build up more lean muscle mass, this will give more room for glucose to go, rather than sitting into the blood stream.

And with each workout you do, this storage will become depleted meaning, once again, there is a lower chance you will suffer from high blood sugar levels on an ongoing basis.

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So there you have the primary reasons why you should be focusing on resistance training exercises as part of your training protocol. Just three days a week is all that's needed for fantastic results.

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