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Diabetic Kidney Disease – Precautions To Help You Avoid Kidney Failure

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Everyone is familiar with the comedians who share their "The Top 10". There's nothing sacred in comedy and everything is made fun of. This enjoyable moment of laughter is fleeting, but in real life, some things aren't so funny. Do you want to know "The Top 10" to a healthier you?

The Top 10 Diabetic Kidney Disease Warning Signs.

10. Protein in your urine

9. High blood pressure

8. Leg and/or ankle swelling

7. Frequent bathroom visits at night

6. High levels of creatinine in blood

5. Less or no need for insulin or anti-diabetic medications

4. Sicknesses involving nausea and vomiting

3. Weakness, paleness, or anemia

2. Itching

1. You are not yourself

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Even though this devastating disease takes many years to cause health problems, it's still important to know your life can be altered or threatened. Here are a few reasons why diabetic kidney disease can turn your life upside down:

-Your kidneys are no longer able to support you in a reasonably healthy state

-Dialysis or transplantation is needed.

-Your kidneys only function at 10 to 15 percent.

-The usual duration of time between the diagnosis and complete kidney failure is from five to seven years.

It's important you don't self-diagnose yourself. Please see a medical profession for a proper and accurate diagnosis.

There are precautions you can take to avoid diabetic kidney disease. They are nothing different or out of the ordinary for diabetics, and they're as easy as 1 2 3!

1. Monitor of your blood glucose levels.

2. Maintain an awareness of monitoring and controlling your blood pressure at home.

3. Follow your special diet.

Did you know?

-You won't necessarily be diagnosed with diabetic kidney disease if you have a couple of these top ten items. In fact, The American Diabetes Association informs that not all diabetics develop this specific kidney disease. Some factors for kidney failure include genetics, blood pressure, and blood sugar control.

-Diabetic kidney damage rarely occurs in the first 10 years of diabetes, so it may be a mistake to ignore the possibility of getting this kidney disease. Usually 15-25 years will pass before kidney failure occurs for some diabetics.

-Diabetics are more susceptible to acquiring this dreaded disease. But here's the thing, you don't have to get the disease! That's because the better a person keeps their diabetes and blood pressure under control, the lower the chance of getting them getting kidney disease.

Okay, why should you take care of your diabetes? Here are the varying factors:

-As diabetic kidney disease progresses, more albumin seeps into the urine.

-When the albumin in the urine increases, the filtering function begins to drop.

-As kidney damage develops, blood pressure often rises as well.

Start living your life to its fullest with these Top 10 Reasons To Live Life:

10. Your job

9. Your favorite hobby

8. Your favorite sport or activity

7. Your "what I've always wanted to do" list

6. Your pets

5. Your friends

4. Your family

3. Your spouse

2. Your children

1. Yourself


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I understand, you've looked over the "Top 10" and noticed some comparisons in your life. You need some help to get your diabetes on track to prevent diabetic kidney disease. I have the perfect solution for you! Natural diabetes support supplements, herbal supplements designed to support healthy blood glucose levels, are proven to help diabetics take control of their diabetes.

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