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Do Fruits Really Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels

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Naturally fruits are the preferred means of tasty food for many a people who look to avoid spicy modern food of today. This may be because these foods are not advisable to maintain the health status of the people concerned. They may be suffering from a number of disorders and when they consulted a physician, they would have been advised to refrain from taking these modern foods.

Diabetes is one of them and is marked by a spike in blood sugar levels. It is another disease that is characterized by a lot of food restrictions. A diabetic must avoid high sugar content, food rich in carbohydrate or fat. This is because, food rich in fat can tend to elevate the insulin resistance of the body thus preventing the body from breaking down the food sugar molecules and eventually their conversion into energy.

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To reduce blood sugar, fruits have are increasingly being advised by physicians and medical practitioners who contest that these fruits tend to have medicinal properties for breaking down the sugar molecules of the body. Some of these fruits are apples, avocados, jambul, bitter lemon, grapefruit etc.

jambul plum is a widely popular means of controlling the blood sugar levels of the body. Apart from these jambul plums, the leaves of this tree can also be taken in conjunction to help reduce the sugar content in the blood. Apples have always been known to posses divine properties.


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They are known to help in conversion of blood sugar into energy. The apple fruit is aided by other citrus fruits too. These fruits help in reducing the body's dependence on external insulin thus acting as a natural way of lowering blood sugar and controlling diabetes. Grapefruit is another potential diabetes controller that's getting popular by the day.

Controlling blood sugar levels is an art. If you want to be an expert in it, you should know the full details in Diabetic Foods to Eat AND Diabetes Foods to Avoid.

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